December 06, 2003


I woke up early this morning, some residual insomnia from my insomnia days, when I used to wake up at 5 am (4 am daylight savings time) for absolutely no reason. So I blogged and then I watched WIT.

In 2001 Emma Thompson, Mike Nichols and HBO made a movie out of the play WIT by Margaret Edson. The story is about a English Professor who is dying of Stage 4 ovarian cancer.

It's a wonderful play, as wonderful as a play about death can be and the movie is my favorite produced by HBO. Watching it, I was reminded how upset I was at the Emmys for that year that Emma Thompson wasn't even nominated for her performance in the movie.

I'm moved to tears everytime I watch the movie and the performance. Between the writing and acting, that movie should have won every available award. The play was given a lot of recognition and deservedly so. but why overlook the movie?

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