December 17, 2003

Tuesdays With Rice

Perhaps you read earlier that I wasn't feeling well, yet again. Welll. I decide to fight the flu once again using my good old fashioned version of Jewish penicillin. Inspired by Maurice Sendaks children's book (which I found cleaning up two nights ago) Chicken Soup with Rice, I decided to eat my very own chicken soup with brown rice. My version came out great. I added 10 cloves of garlic and four different of pepper, varying in both heat and color. And I didn't use anything with lemon, as a matter of fact I didn't use the recipe I linked to at all. I have my own secret recipe. You have be related to me to get the recipe and know me personally to eat some.

Anyway, if this doesn't help combat the flu for another day or two, I don't know what will.
About Tuesday Night Trivia:

I co-hosted with Jill. It was surreal. Caren wasn't there so I kind of filled in for her. I got off to a rocky start but eventually I developed a flow and it went a little better. The spotlights seemed exceptionally hot and bright for some reason. Caren's are some pretty big shoes to fill. She makes hosting look so much easier than it really is. I felt the crowd's missing her as I stumbled through the evening's festivities. Anyway, most memorable about last night were the team names. As you can imagine, quite a few were about Saddam Hussein.

Here they are (with the final rankings):

9th - CO$T:Children of Strom Thurmond (last place prize of chocolate bar.)
8th - Mucha Lucha
7th - Only Losers Meet on Friendster (our choice for best team name)
6th - It Saddam Shame He Got Caught:AKA Saddam, Me and Gommorah
5th - Up Tikrit Without A Weapon of Mass Destruction (close second for best team name)
4th - Crazy Saddam ~ His Prices are HUSSEIN
3rd - 100 Years of Flight; 99 Years of Peanuts You Can't Open (winners of $10 off their bar tab)
2nd - Give Us $1 Million or You'll Never See Caren Again (winners of $15 off their bar tab)
1st - String [Saddam] Up & Get It Over With (winners of $25 off their bar tab)

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