December 08, 2003


flu. i think i have the flu. i've been fighting it for the last week or so but it's a losing battle. the achiness is spreading from the top of my head to the middle of my back. my head feels woozy and my eyes are starting to burn. boy am i glad i was able to get my groceries and clean my house before this thing hit. it sucks to be sick in a dirty house with no groceries.

if anybody is interested here is what i did tonight after i work. i went right to the grocery store (yes, the one where i used to work), picked out my favorites and arranged delivery. then I came home and wrote my rueful email.

and then for no particular reason (other than being angry at the world) i started cleaning my house like a lunatic. i stopped when the groceries were delivered. i cleaned three heads of lettuce and socked them away. i ate a little sandwich and then continued cleaning my house.

then i cleaned my face and now i'm doing another facial. this weather is brutal on my skin. pretty soon it will be time to peel off my mask and moisturize 'til all the dry is gone. is the best part. i smoked. after not smoking all felt great!!!!

hey, maybe someone will surprise me and retore my faith in humanity but until then i remain misanthropically yours.

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