December 13, 2003

They're gone.

My friends are gone. (sniff) It was strange. Tonight, as I was watching them getting ready to go out to a party in Long Island I was amazed at the amount of effort they put into getting ready. It wasn't only the bathing and the hair drying. There was the make up and the questions of what looked good with what and discussion of what shoes would be worn if this shirt was worn with these jeans. It reminded me of when we were in high school and they would do the same thing. I was never that type of girl and watching this ritual made me feel a little sad that I'm not overly concerned with which earrings would match my shoes if i wore that shirt with those jeans. We are all so different yet remain so close. Amazing.

While they were getting ready, I cooked for them. That was nice. When you live alone, you don't get do that too much, you know take care of people. I made a delicious meat loaf (which is something I haven't made in 7 or 8 years) and a lazy ratatouille (meaning I left out the eggplant and didn't peel the tomotoes). They are both very nice women. One is a mom with two kids and one is an aspiring actress pursuing her dreams in L.A. Being the oldest of the three I feel a little bit proud of them not that I had anything to do with how they turned out but just because they grew up into great people. I hope they feel the same way about me.

I love my friends. We all gathered early in the evening at a nice italian restaurant called Cascina near the theater district to celebrate Lilo's birthday. Afterwards we moved the party to O'Flaherty's on restaurant row. It was great to see everyone last night. I was especially happy that some of new friends were able to meet my old friends. Sometimes it's nice to gather the friends I have made in different corners in a central place. Thanks for coming. You three know who you are and I don't want to embarrass you by naming you. It means a lot me that you were all able to make it.

Today, we went into the city so we could visit some New Yorky places, like Tiffany's and Tiffany's. It was cold and crowded.

I'm invited to a great event this evening over at Rififi's, my friend Dawn's POP GEAR but I'm sad to report that between last night's festivities and this afternoon's adventure into the heart of the Fifth Avenue I'm just exhausted.

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