December 22, 2003

When Comfort Foods Attack.

Today, was a good work day; busy but not too demanding. But gastronomically, it was kind of a disaster. I was little bit hungry, earlier than usual today so I decided to order a variation of a breakfast sandwich I have been ordering for the owner. Every so often he asks me to "order him up the usual". The usual is a toasted bialy, lightly buttered with one slice of swiss cheese. I ordered one with one slice of provolone. It was yummy but not too filling; a perfect prelunch meal. Then, one of our vendors, sent us a gift plate of cookies; delicious, rich buttery cookies. Fantastic. Here is where the disaster begins. My boss and I went out to get her something to eat for lunch. Not being hungry, I passed. This was shortly after my provolone bialy. But M didn't finish her lunch and she had hardly eaten any of it. So, before she threw it out, I volunteered to eat her roasted pork.

Then, we delved into the cookies. Not being accustomed to eating multitudes of sweets, I crashed about 1/2 an hour after stuffing my face with the rich, buttery treats. I was tired for the rest of the work day. I blogged somewhere between 6 and 6:30. That's when I told you about my plans for Barnes and Noble.

Barnes and Noble was a little bit too crowded to be enjoyable so I rushed ahead to my next plan. I thought it would be nice to top off my visit to Barnes and Noble with a nice dinner at Chat and Choo, one of my favorite little comfort food places. Too bad that it was crowded. Because I had to go to Mayrose, which is normally a restaurant whose comfort food I enjoy. I got the cob salad which I love. I was little bit annoyed because they served the salad to me with the dressing on the side. I didn't ask for the dressing on the side (rant brewing on "on the side"; stay tuned). That made the meal less enjoyable because all I could think about was how annoying it was that I had to toss my own 10$ salad. For 10$ lettuce, I should have to do as little work as possible.

Anyway, to make a short story long, I think the dressing combined with the cookies, the pork and the provolone made my subway ride home intolerably long although it was probably the fastest ride i've had in three days.

All is well now. I'm home, I'm changed, more comfortable, and finished with food for the day.

Maybe next time, I'll should stick with some good ole' grilled cheese. That with a good bowl of soup is all the comfort you need.

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