December 29, 2003

Official Day Off

As I have mentioned before, I am enjoying my Christmas bonus of days off.

Today is what I would consider an official day off because there are people at my office.

I slept until noon. Something that only happens to me when I've truly had a chance to relax which is something that only happens to me after a fourth day off, which was yesterday.

I probably would have slept longer if my super, who apparently also has the day off, didn't decide that this would be the day he set up a saw horse beneath my kitchen window and cut up a front panel of some random car. Yes. I am upset about this. It seems that my days off coincide with my super and that on his days off he gets enjoyment from doing very loud home improvement work.

Anyway, not to dwell in anger, I decided to continue my internet adventures by linking to links posted by various hosts I've added to blogroll.

The Anonymous Blogger, in his most recent post, included a link to a spectacular review of the movie "The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King" by Ain't It Cool.

I've seen this movie. I though it was fantastic but the person who wrote the review did such an excellent job of breaking the movie down and celebrating it's genius that I recommend you link to it. Honestly, the man could teach a class in film at my alma matter, SUNY Purchase.

Without further ado, here is the link to what I consider the best movie review ever written.

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