September 30, 2005

Happy Birthday Jon

Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday dear Jon.
Happy Birthday to you.

Friday - Indeed

This week has gone by both slowly and quickly. For example, during each work day, the time dragged but by the time I got home each night I couldn't believe how quickly the week is going by. Does that make sense? Our wedding is unbelievably close.

I had the absolute final meeting with the DJ last night. We have our music for our ceremony, our introduction, our first dance, the cutting of the cake, the garter removal, the garter toss and the bouquet toss. I specified the kind of music I want for when the guests arrive, the cocktail hour and the dinner music. And what's really nice is I find out our DJ is going to be taking requests during the celebration.

The wedding is so close now but it still won't seem real until we are actually doing it. Just like our vacation won't be real until our plane leaves the ground.

I love metaphors and that's what met a phors.

September 29, 2005

A Sharing Mood

Here are a couple more long lost shots from our trip to Great Britain. (I don't know if you can tell but I'm developing a bad case of wanderlust. I am really looking forward to our honeymoon/vacation to Jamaica.)

This is picture of me in the streets of Edinburgh on the last day of our side trip. That big pyramid shaped statue in the background is a tribute to Walter Scott.
Streets of Edinburgh

Jon took this one. I think it looks like it came from a painting.
Val Eyes

September 28, 2005

Enough with the Cleavage Already

The mercury has dropped down below 80 degrees, yet women all over New York City are still wearing their camisole tops. I am so tired of looking at people wearing their underwear for clothes. I know that camisoles are comfortable which is why I wear them AT HOME - not on the street, not at work, not on the subway.
I found our long lost vacation photos from Scotland and England. This CD full of fantastic and fun vacation images has been missing for months. Here is a picture of Jon at the ruins at Holyrood.
Jon at Holyrood

Here is a close up of a beautiful mother and child statue at the Victoria and Albert Museum.
Mother and child marble

Here is a shot of a familiar series of children's books that I was surprised to see selling in an English book store.
Little Miss Giggles

A Strange Dream

Last night I had a terrible dream that I lost Zoey because I lost track of her. It was terrible. The dreamscape took place in unfamiliar territory. I was in a Texas that I could only have made up in my imagination and behind the home where I was staying was an enormous desert park where Texas and Mexico share a border. Waiting for Mommy I was with my family and in this dream, my family was made up of people I've never seen before in my life. They were loud and distracting and required so much attention that at some point, Zoey slipped away from me.

I knew that I had to look for her in the desert park but random events kept preventing me from getting to her. I never did get to find her. It was truly a scary dream and I was glad when my alarm clock started beeping frantically.

It seems I'm a little out of practice staying out a late on a school night. But last night really was fun.

Tuesday Night Trivia

20Went to Tuesday night trivia. Our team name referenced Get Smart but only about 1/8 of the audience got the joke and nobody laughed. Our team came in 3rd in the final round after finishing 8th earlier in the game. Met up with some cool people, Mike and Nick and Sarah and a new friend from Italy named Alex. Afterwards, some of us headed over to the famous Riviera Cafe at W. 4th and 7th Avenue. Jon was able to leave work a little early and join us and we had a wonderful time exchanging travel stories with our new friend and learning about his life in Italy. For example, we learned that his true passion is playing the piano and that he plays well enough to have given concerts performing solo Rachmoninoff. It was nice to get out on a week night, not having done it in a while. It was even nicer to be able to get out and catch up with friends. But now, I'm pooped and I have to get some sleep. Because tomorrow is another day.

September 27, 2005

At Last It's Fall

There is a distinct crispness in the air which means it's finally fall. I'm hoping there are no more summer weather surprises because I want to change my wardrobe around.

September 25, 2005

Seating Arrangements and Other Stuff

Jon and I ended our weekend by putting together our tables for the wedding. It's one of those moments where you just can't believe that what you are doing is what you are doing. Trying to figure out where to put everyone is a big puzzle with life size pieces that don't always fit. But what a good problem to have, heh? We're lucky.
Tang TangI really, really miss Zoey. When I woke up this morning, I looked around for her so I could take her on her morning walk. But alas, she wasn't there. I am very attached to her now.
This afternoon, Jon and I went to Crate and Barrell to spend a gift certificate which we only spent half of (again - another good problem). All the things we want from Crate and Barrell are already on our registry so it was kind of challenging to find something else. So, we picked up a new cutting board for the kitchen and a new apron with matching oven mitts for me.

Then we hauled butt up to 76rd and 3rd and had a wonderful lunch at Tang Tang. If you are looking for good noodles at a great price then Tang Tang is your place.

Jon had the shredded chicken with sesame noodles. I had the chicken noodle vegetable soup. At the end of the meal, I received this wonderful fortune that said, "Your love life will be happy and harmonious."
Good Fortune

September 24, 2005

Goodbye Zoey

Sarah has come and gone but not before I recorded her reunion with our little house guest.

Sarah Zoey Reunion

Sarah Zoey Reunion 2

Zoey Sarah Reunion 3

You can't see her in the below shot but she is in her bag.
Goodbye little Zoey. We will miss you.

Goodbye Zoey

Zoey Goes Home

I just spoke with Sarah at JFK. Her plane just got in and very shortly she will be here to pick up Zoey.

I've been busy this morning getting Zoey ready for her reunion with Sarah.

Jon photographed Zoey in the tub while she was getting her final bath.
Zoey Bath
She really was a trooper because she doesn't enjoy being wet all that much.

I gathered all of her things and the last thing I pulled out was her travel bag. She hasn't been in that thing since we brought her home from Long Island. The bag has been sitting unused at the foot of our bed. I thought she forgot all about it but . . .

then I put in the kitchen with her other belongings so I can hand her off to Sarah later when she comes by car service on her way home.

As soon as I pulled it out and put it in the kitchen, it didn't take long for Zoey to remember her favorite comfort place in the world. Here is her reunion with her beautiful rose covered Kate Spade travel bag.
Waiting for Mommy 3

Less than a minute after a thorough examination using her sense of smell, she jumped in her bag and has been there ever since. I shot this picture "literally" 10 minutes ago.
Waiting for Mommy
She is now sleeping soundly in her bag.

Yes. I'm going to miss her. And yes. I am going to post pictures of Zoey's reunion with Sarah.

It's Official

(thank you to my future mother-in-law for posting the notice and sending us the clipping and thank you to the administrator of The Evil Twin Theory for scanning in this clipping from the Cortland Standard)

September 23, 2005

You May Thinks It's Butter, But It's Not

Apparently Tyra Banks's breasts are real but are they spectacular?

Tyra Banks was tired of the rumours that her breast are fake. Personally, I've never thought twice about Tyra's boobs. And as far as I know, there weren't really any rumours but that didnt's top Ms. Banks from having a mamogram done on her show to prove their validity.

More than likely, this was a publicity stunt designed to generate viewership for her show.

What do you think? Are you going to start watching her show? Do you care about her boobs? Now that you know Tyra's breasts are indeed NOT FAKE, how has your life changed?

The Saga of Sarah and Zoey

(I heard from Sarah after posting this. She is actually leaving Mumbai tonight. She is still stuck in India.)

Zoey 4

For those of you following the saga of Sarah and Zoey, Sarah was stuck at the Mumbai aiport because of a monsoon which was causing delays.

I checked her flight last night and it left 10 minutes ahead of schedule. At this point Sarah should have already landed in Paris and is most likely relaxing before her transfer.

Sarah's delay means that Jon and I get to watch Zoey for two more days.

Having Zoey around is really fun. She's a very special dog. She follows me everywhere which is so cool. If she were a person following me everywhere it would make very tense but she's a sweet little dog and having her around makes me feel relaxed.

I've had a dog before. . .before I started this blog. I rescued a Jack Russell Terrier from a home where they were terrified of him. I called him Stanky because he smelled but later changed his name to Spanky because every one thought Stanky would hurt his feelings (I'm not kidding). I'm sure there are those that thought Stanky was very sweet, but he was a complete nightmare to take care of. He jumped all the time and everywhere. He could jump 4 feet into the air and land in my arms. He chewed on EVERYTHING. He knocked things down and broke them. He pooed everywhere in the apartment and would drag me all over the neighborhood when going for walks. He chewed his way through three harnesses and when I was out he whine, whimpered and barked all day driving my neighbors insane. And he was untrainable. So freakin' stubborn.

So. . .I called Jack Russell Terrier rescue group. They must have thought I was abusing him because once their "agents" came to get him (friends with the Jack Russell breeder who owned a farm for Jacks in CT), I never heard from her again.

I had him for six weeks and was glad to be rid of him. It wasn't his fault. Jack Russells are feisty little dogs that need a lot of room and a lot of directed activity. I didn't do my research before hand and it was my own fault that he destroyed almost everything in my apartment. Last I heard, he was sent to live with a father and his young son in Boston.

Here are some pictures of Zoey from last night.
Zoey 1Zoey 2

Zoey and Val
It's nice having a well-behaved sweet natured dog around the house. She makes us very happy.

September 22, 2005

It's always a good time to be antisocial.


originally uploaded by Valerie1.
I'm trying to brand Gen X Misanthrope, starting with this Logo.

If you are interested in owning an object with this logo, click on the link to my online shop and order something.

September 21, 2005

Where is Autumn?

Why do we have to wait for Autumn weather? It's not fair.

Why is it still hot outside? It's not fair.

Did you know that they are expecting 88 degree weather on Friday? It's not fair.

I want to wear my new sweaters. Hmmmmph.

September 20, 2005

Gen X Business

Inspired by Kevin Walsh at Forgotten New York, I've started selling Gen X Misanthrope merchandise. I want to see if I can actually sell stuff and junk with my images on it. I'm still working on uploading a logo file that works. I came up with something nice yesterday but it didn't translate well once online.

That's right, with an average of 30-60 readers a day, I am going to attempt to sell stuff.

Perhaps it's foolish but it doesn't cost anything to try.

Check it out!!

Dog Run

Sunday afternoon, Jon and I took Zoey to the dog run near Astoria Park aka Bugsy's Run.

On the way, I spotted this great old promotional thermometer from Ken-L-Ration on a building at Astoria Blvd. and 21st Street (or there abouts).
Ken-L Ration Sign

When we got to the dog run, there wasn't really much going on - only two other dogs there that rather fancied Zoey. We kept her away from the two big boy dogs by taking her to the far end of the dog run where we found this sculpture. We're not actually sure if it was a sculpture or a grave market but either way Zoey did pay her respects.
Zoey Pays Her Respects

September 19, 2005

Weekend Ends

My dress came back from the manufacturer. It fits fine. The seamstress only needs to alter the bodice. The dress is gorgeous. There is nothing like lace to make you feel fancy.

September 18, 2005

John F. Kennedy
You're John F. Kennedy! You are one of the most famous presidents and you fight for rights of other people. However, some of your political views tend to make people want to stay away from you. Other than that, thumbs up!

Which famous (or infamous) person are you a reincarnation of?
brought to you by Quizilla

September 15, 2005

Why Is It Still Hot Out?

When will this crummy summer weather end? Yuck. It's 79 degrees and really, really muggy. Enough already!!!
It's been two days since my birthday and I still don't feel any differently than I did last week. Actually, I don't feel much older than I did when I was a kid- just smarter and wearier.
My dress is still not back from the manufacturer yet. It WAS supposed to be back at the salon at the beginning of the week. What's happening?
Took Zoey out for a 45 minute walk. She sat or stood motionless intermittently for at least 20 minutes of it. But once she started walking, I couldn't stop her. Here she is holding her ground, looking thoughtful.
Stubborn Zoey

September 14, 2005

Pretty in Pink

Does anybody remember the Flowers in the Attic series by V.C. Andrew? That was the series of books about 4 children who were held captive by their mother and grandparents in the attic of their grandparents house. Well, in the 3rd or 4th book, the oldest brother and sister are living together as husband and wife with their teenage children and one of the girl children likes to match all of her clothes down to her underwear. For example if she is wearing a red skirt and red sweater then she will also be wearing red bra and panties.

Why am I bringing this up you ask? Because I realized in the bathroom at work that for the first time in my life, the color of my underwear matches my clothing. I'm not counting white panties because white isn't really a color. Today, I'm wearing a pink skirt, a white shirt with pink and hot pink trim and hot pink panties. I didn't even plan that.

Weird . . . right? Especially considering I didn't really start wearing pink until last year.

The Fat Man Walking

Looks like Steve Vaught has made it all the way to Vega, Texas.

He weighed himself at a truckstop and it looks like he potentially lost another 5 pounds since his last weigh in.

I say potentially because the scale he used doesn't measure small weights accurately.

Good for him!!!!

September 13, 2005

The Day Off

Last night, Jon gave me my b-day presents early because he has to work tonight. Last night, he gave me some nice skin lotions and he brought home a copy of The Day of the Triffids from Kim's Video. That was a hard rental to find. I remember seeing that movie as a kid and being utterly transfixed by it. It was not as good as I remember - in fact, it kind of sucks. My memory of it being a good movie inspired me to read the book. Believe me when I tell you the book is MUCH better.

Today. The actual day of my birthday. I have spent most of it alone. Believe it or not, that is what I wanted. I have been so busy lately and have hardly had any time on my own. I want that time every now and then. Some of you may not believe this, but alone time is precious. It's important for everyone to know how to be on their own and not only that. Time alone let's you regroup - breath - gather yourself - do things that you can't do with other people around.

I've had a productive day off.

  • Quality time with Jon.
  • 35 pounds of laundry done by us for the low, low, low price of $15.00 - that's half of what it would have cost if we had it done.
  • Watched a movie on HBO on Demand - Something's Gotta' Give - charming, entertaining.
  • Walked over the Social Security to order a replacement SS card, so I can reapply for my license which you apparently can't do without a SS card.
  • Went food shopping which included buying some Hartz All Purpose dog shampoo. Clean Zoey
  • Gave Zoey a bath and combed her out. I love taking care of this dog.
  • Watched another movie - Taking Lives - somewhat entertaining, almost suspenseful.
Now, I've got Bill Maher on the boob tube, the rerun from Friday night, and I'm contemplating cleaning my kitchen.

At some point, I'll even take Zoey out for her evening walk.

The Anniversary of my Unleashing Into this World

Today is my birthday - the end of my 38th year of life and the beginnning of my 39th.

For those of you sent birthday greetings - thank you very much.

To my friends - I am not doing anything special to celebrate beyond taking the day off from work and straightening up my house - cleaning and organizing. I appreciate the offers of celebration but I think I'm going to spend this birthday alone with Jon quietly.

A month from now, I'll be the center of a very big celebration and I think that's all the attention I can handle.

September 12, 2005

Allergies? Again?

Sneezing - a
Scratchy throat - a
Dry cough - a
Pressure around the eyes - a

Sound like allergies to you?

September 11, 2005

Zoey Goes to Long Island

Zoey Sidewalk
Zoey LIRRZoey and I left for Long Island yesterday morning. I was amazed at how easy it is to transport her. Sarah gave us her carrying case and she just loves it, so much so that she doesn't even like to get out of it even when she has a chance. For example, I had twenty minutes until the LIRR met us at Woodside station to take us to Long Beach, so I thought I would let her out of her bag to walk around a little bit. I took her out and she jumped right back in. Here she is looking at me as if I'm nuts for expecting her to leave the security of her nice comfortable bag.

Once in Long Beach, I introduced her to my dad. He liked her very much but who wouldn't like Zoey. She's a little sweetheart. Here they are in front of my parent's house. She also had an opportunity to meet the famous Mr. Potato Head. He hasn't changed much from our childhoods and even obliged us by sitting with us for a while in my parent's living room. Later in the evening, he autographed Zoey's carrying case.
Zoey and my Dad Zoey Potato align=

She was really sweet today. She came with Jon and me to the temple to our meeting with the Cantor and the caterer. We worked out the final details for our wedding - well as far as the caterer and the Cantor are concerned. Later in the day, when I was gathering our stuff to go home, I brought her carrying case to my parent's front door so I wouldn't forget it (as if I would) and she jumped right in and took a little nap even though we weren't leaving for another two hours. She just loves her carrying case and she is so cute.
Zoey House Bag

September 10, 2005

Zoey Zoey Zoey

ZoeyZoey is staying with us for the next couple of weeks while her mommy is on vacation in exciting India. Don't worry Sarah. As you can see she is already making herself at home.
We already have exciting plans. Today, we're taking her out to Long Island to visit with my parents who have an enormous yard. Their neighbors have two children who will just love Zoey. Tomorrow, I'll try to get my brother to bring out my nephew so he can play with her too. Lately, he's been saying the word puppy a lot, so he should be very excited. He's 20 months old and getting cuter every waking minute of every freaking day.
Tomorrow, we plan to talk to the caterer about final arrangments for the wedding; we have a meeting with the Cantor who will be performing the ceremony; and we're going to try to get to the beach. So, we have quite a lot to do tomorrow.
Today - the biggest wedding task is looking at a sample table arrangment from the florist who will most likely be decorating the temple. Oh - and we also have to get my mom a dress for the wedding - oh and I think that's it. . .

September 09, 2005

Kittens and Afternoon Tea

It's late Friday afternoon and I'm still at work. So, I decided to take a kitten break.

If you are also stuck at work and need a quick pick me up, visit this quintessential "cute kitten photo" site.

Stamping and Diecutting

Image hosted by Photobucket.comHere is a peak into my work day.

I just faxed a purchase order over to the stamping and diecutting place. They are going to fold, glue and laminate our folder order - folders we are having printed for our clients. The highlight of the conversation was explaining to the vendor how our client didn't like the half-moon business card slits top and bottom hold, and trying to figure out what we could do instead. I'll keep you updated.

September 08, 2005

The Fat Man Walking

With all the sad news coming from the deep South, I lost sight of the story of Steve Vaught - a heavy man walking across America to lose weight. This is a nice story.

I found his website looking for some news about his journey. He says he is now 340 pounds and he's posted pictures from Arizona and New Mexico. That's pretty good. When he started his walk he weighed 400 lbs. He started walking in April so I think he's losing at a steady pace - not too fast and not too slow, he'll have permanent weight loss.
As of Sept. 5, 2005 he is in Tucamari, New Mexico according to the map on his site. His goal is New York City. Let's wish him continued good fortune and strength as he perseveres.

Poor Gym Etiquette

There were three guys displaying poor etiquette at my gym tonight.

95 lbThey were taking turns doing shoulder presses using increasing weight with every set. When they started using particularly heavy weights (90 lbs.) they dropped them and the weights bounced. Scary right? I was sitting on a bench next to them doing my little work out with my 7.5 pound weights when one of those big ole weights bounced in the direction of my foot.

65 lbI looked at them and said "Dudes. If that lands on my foot I'm going to be really pissed." Just so you understand what was going on, these guys were enormous. I don't know where I got the cajones to say anything to them, but there is NO WAY IN HELL, I'm marching down the aisle with a broken toe. To my surprise, they assured me that it wouldn't happen again. They were true to their word. It didn't. They started working out with more manageable weights (65 lb. each) and didn't drop anything else.

Sleepy Time

Good morning all.

It's 7:45 am and instead of starting my morning walk, I am stuck to this computer like gum to a little girl's really long hair. I can't leave.

I entered a contest at blog explosion - battle of the blogs. It's addictive. There are only 3 votes left until a winner is announced. And I keep finding excuses to sit here but the truth is I just want to see whether I win or lose. I'll keep you updated.

September 07, 2005

Bright Smile

I brightened my smile in a boring, 1 hour long, uncomfortable technique at the dentist's office.

The technique is done in 20 minute intervals. The yellowness of your teeth determines how many. Mine was done in 3.

My mouth was stretched around a brace that kept my mouth open the whole procedure. Then Sandie shoved cotton in my mouth and coated my gums with a hardening substance meant to protect them from the "light" they use in the technique. She covered my lips with vaseline and a special moisturizer meant to protect them from the "light". She gave me goggles to protect my eyes. She put something in my mouth to bite down on so my teeth would stay in the same position. Then she put two spit vacuums in my mouth to prevent saliva from spilling all over the placebecause I couldn't swallow or spit.

Then, after all that, Sandie covered my teeth with special gel that would react to the "light" that would whiten my teeth.

toothy grin 2The first twenty minutes were okay. I was pretty anxious so that helped the time pass. By the end of the first twenty minutes, my jaws were aching from biting down on that stupid thing. Sandie had put on this awful music that was supposed to relax me but only made me more tense. The second twenty minutes - my neck started to spasm from holding my head in the same position for so long. The third twenty minutes - Sandie gave me the massage controls for the chair. At the end of the procedure Sandie pulled off the hard gummy substance on my gums and left behind a beautiful smile.

My teeth are three shades lighter and look great.

I've been experiencing one painful after effect of the procedure called a zinger. It's a random shooting pain through any tooth exposed to the "light".

I'd like to know what kind of light this is. It's blue and apparently has the potential to harm everything living thing except teeth.

September 06, 2005

Heartwarming Story

These children were found wandering together - a little band led by a six year old.

Wow. (sniff) It's a nice story of survival from the N.O. (sniff)

R.I.P. Little Buddy


TV's Gilligan Dead
By Joal Ryan
(from E Online via Yahoo)

Somewhere, on some channel, in some time zone, Gilligan is still stranded.

Bob Denver, forever in reruns the most clueless castaway of Gilligan's Island, died at a North Carolina hospital Friday from cancer-related complications, his family announced Tuesday. He was 70.

Denver underwent quadruple bypass heart surgery in May.

"He gave us the gift of love and laughter," the Denver family said in a statement, "even in his passing."

Russell Johnson, the brainy professor to Denver's brainless first mate on Gilligan's Island, said he shared tears with Denver's friends and fans. "Frankly, Bob Denver would adore your laughter most of all," Johnson said on his Website. "That's more likely why God created him."

Denver starred on Gilligan's Island from 1964 to '67. The sitcom about seven shipwreck survivors, from Hollywood bombshell to Kansas farm girl, was never an Emmy nominee, was not a critical favorite and was a top 20 hit just once. It produced 98 episodes, two fewer than the traditional 100 believed to be mandatory for syndication success. And yet it was in reruns that the show became inescapable, if not indestructible.

"It's 40 years this year it's been on the air continually," Denver observed in 2004 to the Charleston Gazette, a newspaper based in his adopted home state of West Virginia.

If viewers wouldn't let go of Gilligan, Denver never broke with the Skipper's "little buddy," either. He revisited the character several times, in several incarnations, from Saturday morning cartoons (1974's Gilligan's Planet, 1982's Gilligan's Planet) to reunion TV-movies (led by 1978's top-rated Rescue from Gilligan's Island), to a cameo on ALF.

A slightly earlier TV generation, however, arguably best remembered Denver as Maynard G. Krebs, the bongo-playing beatnik on The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis (1959-1963). Though not a rerun phenomenon, the comedy produced nearly 50 more first-run episodes than Gilligan's Island.

Denver's 1993 autobiography played tribute to both of his iconic incarnations: Gilligan, Maynard & Me. Like a good parent, the actor refused to play favorites.

"I enjoyed both equally, but in different ways," Denver wrote on his Website. "Maynard gave me the chance to do wonderful word comedy...When I was offered Gilligan, I chose it because that character gave me the chance to do physical comedy, which I love."

"With Maynard and Gilligan, I had the best of both worlds."

Born in New Rochelle, New York, on Jan. 9, 1935, Denver enjoyed a prime-time run of 11 consecutive years, from 1959, with the debut of Dobie Gillis, to 1970, with the demise of The Good Guys, a little-remembered sitcom that ran for two seasons. Gilligan's Island--a script Denver snagged only because comedian Jerry Van Dyke turned it down first--was sandwiched in between those two shows.

Following The Good Guys, Denver returned to series work with the 1973 syndicated Old West comedy, Dusty's Trail. In 1975, the gone-gray comic starred in the Sid and Marty Krofft children's TV demi-classic, Far Out Space Nuts.

Three years later, Denver dusted off Gilligan's floppy white hat and long-sleeved red polo. At 43, the shirt seemed baggier and the antics more desperate, but Rescue from Gilligan's Island was popular enough to spawn two more TV-movies, 1979's The Castaways on Gilligan's Island and 1981's The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island.

The critical kibosh on the show, however, remained. In a 1994 Canadian radio interview, Denver was asked if the Smithsonian Institution, home to Archie Bunker's living-room chair and Fonzie's leather jacket, had requested Gilligan's hat.

"Nah, the Smithsonian doesn't ask for anything back from Gilligan," Denver said. "They haven't dropped that low yet."

Denver was back in the headlines in 1998 when he was arrested for marijuana possession. And he created some buzz last year when he launched an oldies station, dubbed "Little Buddy Radio" in West Virginia, and called out TBS' new reality series spin on his old show, The Real Gilligan's Island.

"I really don't think this show is going to work," Denver told the Bluefield [West Virginia] Daily Telegraph. "...I'd like to see them put a lion or a tiger on the island, but I really don't think that would happen."

With Denver's death, Tina Louise, who played movie-star Ginger Grant, and the rest, Johnson and Dawn Wells, as Mary Ann, the farm girl, are the only surviving castaways of the original Gilligan cast. Alan Hale Jr., the skipper, died in 1990; Jim Backus, the millionaire, in 1989; Natalie Schafer, the millionaire's wife, in 1991.

Denver said all the actors on the series were typecast as a result of the Gilligan reruns that never died, but he, for one, wasn't bitter.

"When you've been part of a show that has made so many people happy and continues to do so to this day, it's hard to resent it," Denver said on his Website. "Besides that, I'm also known as Maynard, which means I say 'WORK?!?!' for fans almost as much as I say, 'Skipper!' "


Last night we saw March of the Penguins - a beautiful movie about the odd life of the Emperor Penguin. They are sweet birds. Once a year, Emperor Penguins march 70 miles through unspoiled antarctic wilderness, to their breeding grounds. They find a mate for the season and the two of them taking turns caring for their egg and then march back and forth to the sea for food. The movie was both touching and heart breaking. When the penguins loose their egg or their chick, they really do seem to mourn. There are sad moments so if you have a child, you may want to consider their stage of development and level of maturity before bringing them in. Also, it's a little slow at moments - don't bring a child under the age of 7.

If you are weary from all of the sad news coming from down South, then take a break and see this movie. You will feel a little better afterwards.

September 05, 2005

A Litter of Soda

I learned today that if I buy a large pie I can get a litter of soda.

Litter of Coke

Beautiful Weekend on the Island

Jon and I spent a beautiful day on the beach. There are no pictures because we didn't want to have to worry about our camera, but if you can picture in mind an azure blue sky, soft sand and crisp ocean water, you don't need to see one.


On the way out of town today I shot some pictures of my parent's beautiful garden.


My father is a very good gardener. He's been keeping a garden my whole life and I really look foward to one day having a house of my own and keeping my own garden.

410 point game

Scrabble Game
I'm not one to brag (of course I am) but I had a 410 point score in a Scrabble game I played against my mother this weekend. The word on the bottom left - P.R.O.M.I.S.E.E.- earned me 167 points. I tripled the word twice and I played out my board, building on the M in M.I.L.L.E.T.

September 01, 2005

SubHuman Nature

At first I thought the looting was normal. People freaking out and exploiting the situation - trying to have fun on some level in the face complete destruction and total despair. But now people are loosing their minds. Last night I heard reports that the sports stores and hardware stores had been looted - the sports stores have guns and the hardward store, well every tool can be turned into a weapon, can't it.

There's one hospital that has been overrun by evil - gunmen shooting and stealing drugs and supplies. I also read that people are shooting at the helicopters airlifting people out of the Superdome.

There is complete chaos down there. What I don't understand is why there isn't any strong authoratarian presence down there. If can we move troops in and out Iraq like walking through a turnstyle why can't they restore law and order in New Orleans? They are so scared to declare Marshall Law.

I just heard an interview with Congressman Gindell and even he doesn't understand why they haven't restored civil rest. But he things the time is long past since they should have declared Marshall Law.

I guess Homeland Security is a BIG FAT JOKE!!!!! I mean wouldn't this be a perfect case study for whether or not that program works. Of course not, because it's not set up to catch a terrorist like Mother Nature. It's also not set up to secure American citizens from other American citizens.