September 06, 2005


Last night we saw March of the Penguins - a beautiful movie about the odd life of the Emperor Penguin. They are sweet birds. Once a year, Emperor Penguins march 70 miles through unspoiled antarctic wilderness, to their breeding grounds. They find a mate for the season and the two of them taking turns caring for their egg and then march back and forth to the sea for food. The movie was both touching and heart breaking. When the penguins loose their egg or their chick, they really do seem to mourn. There are sad moments so if you have a child, you may want to consider their stage of development and level of maturity before bringing them in. Also, it's a little slow at moments - don't bring a child under the age of 7.

If you are weary from all of the sad news coming from down South, then take a break and see this movie. You will feel a little better afterwards.

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