September 07, 2005

Bright Smile

I brightened my smile in a boring, 1 hour long, uncomfortable technique at the dentist's office.

The technique is done in 20 minute intervals. The yellowness of your teeth determines how many. Mine was done in 3.

My mouth was stretched around a brace that kept my mouth open the whole procedure. Then Sandie shoved cotton in my mouth and coated my gums with a hardening substance meant to protect them from the "light" they use in the technique. She covered my lips with vaseline and a special moisturizer meant to protect them from the "light". She gave me goggles to protect my eyes. She put something in my mouth to bite down on so my teeth would stay in the same position. Then she put two spit vacuums in my mouth to prevent saliva from spilling all over the placebecause I couldn't swallow or spit.

Then, after all that, Sandie covered my teeth with special gel that would react to the "light" that would whiten my teeth.

toothy grin 2The first twenty minutes were okay. I was pretty anxious so that helped the time pass. By the end of the first twenty minutes, my jaws were aching from biting down on that stupid thing. Sandie had put on this awful music that was supposed to relax me but only made me more tense. The second twenty minutes - my neck started to spasm from holding my head in the same position for so long. The third twenty minutes - Sandie gave me the massage controls for the chair. At the end of the procedure Sandie pulled off the hard gummy substance on my gums and left behind a beautiful smile.

My teeth are three shades lighter and look great.

I've been experiencing one painful after effect of the procedure called a zinger. It's a random shooting pain through any tooth exposed to the "light".

I'd like to know what kind of light this is. It's blue and apparently has the potential to harm everything living thing except teeth.

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