September 11, 2005

Zoey Goes to Long Island

Zoey Sidewalk
Zoey LIRRZoey and I left for Long Island yesterday morning. I was amazed at how easy it is to transport her. Sarah gave us her carrying case and she just loves it, so much so that she doesn't even like to get out of it even when she has a chance. For example, I had twenty minutes until the LIRR met us at Woodside station to take us to Long Beach, so I thought I would let her out of her bag to walk around a little bit. I took her out and she jumped right back in. Here she is looking at me as if I'm nuts for expecting her to leave the security of her nice comfortable bag.

Once in Long Beach, I introduced her to my dad. He liked her very much but who wouldn't like Zoey. She's a little sweetheart. Here they are in front of my parent's house. She also had an opportunity to meet the famous Mr. Potato Head. He hasn't changed much from our childhoods and even obliged us by sitting with us for a while in my parent's living room. Later in the evening, he autographed Zoey's carrying case.
Zoey and my Dad Zoey Potato align=

She was really sweet today. She came with Jon and me to the temple to our meeting with the Cantor and the caterer. We worked out the final details for our wedding - well as far as the caterer and the Cantor are concerned. Later in the day, when I was gathering our stuff to go home, I brought her carrying case to my parent's front door so I wouldn't forget it (as if I would) and she jumped right in and took a little nap even though we weren't leaving for another two hours. She just loves her carrying case and she is so cute.
Zoey House Bag

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