September 28, 2005

Enough with the Cleavage Already

The mercury has dropped down below 80 degrees, yet women all over New York City are still wearing their camisole tops. I am so tired of looking at people wearing their underwear for clothes. I know that camisoles are comfortable which is why I wear them AT HOME - not on the street, not at work, not on the subway.
I found our long lost vacation photos from Scotland and England. This CD full of fantastic and fun vacation images has been missing for months. Here is a picture of Jon at the ruins at Holyrood.
Jon at Holyrood

Here is a close up of a beautiful mother and child statue at the Victoria and Albert Museum.
Mother and child marble

Here is a shot of a familiar series of children's books that I was surprised to see selling in an English book store.
Little Miss Giggles

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