September 24, 2005

Zoey Goes Home

I just spoke with Sarah at JFK. Her plane just got in and very shortly she will be here to pick up Zoey.

I've been busy this morning getting Zoey ready for her reunion with Sarah.

Jon photographed Zoey in the tub while she was getting her final bath.
Zoey Bath
She really was a trooper because she doesn't enjoy being wet all that much.

I gathered all of her things and the last thing I pulled out was her travel bag. She hasn't been in that thing since we brought her home from Long Island. The bag has been sitting unused at the foot of our bed. I thought she forgot all about it but . . .

then I put in the kitchen with her other belongings so I can hand her off to Sarah later when she comes by car service on her way home.

As soon as I pulled it out and put it in the kitchen, it didn't take long for Zoey to remember her favorite comfort place in the world. Here is her reunion with her beautiful rose covered Kate Spade travel bag.
Waiting for Mommy 3

Less than a minute after a thorough examination using her sense of smell, she jumped in her bag and has been there ever since. I shot this picture "literally" 10 minutes ago.
Waiting for Mommy
She is now sleeping soundly in her bag.

Yes. I'm going to miss her. And yes. I am going to post pictures of Zoey's reunion with Sarah.

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