September 01, 2005

SubHuman Nature

At first I thought the looting was normal. People freaking out and exploiting the situation - trying to have fun on some level in the face complete destruction and total despair. But now people are loosing their minds. Last night I heard reports that the sports stores and hardware stores had been looted - the sports stores have guns and the hardward store, well every tool can be turned into a weapon, can't it.

There's one hospital that has been overrun by evil - gunmen shooting and stealing drugs and supplies. I also read that people are shooting at the helicopters airlifting people out of the Superdome.

There is complete chaos down there. What I don't understand is why there isn't any strong authoratarian presence down there. If can we move troops in and out Iraq like walking through a turnstyle why can't they restore law and order in New Orleans? They are so scared to declare Marshall Law.

I just heard an interview with Congressman Gindell and even he doesn't understand why they haven't restored civil rest. But he things the time is long past since they should have declared Marshall Law.

I guess Homeland Security is a BIG FAT JOKE!!!!! I mean wouldn't this be a perfect case study for whether or not that program works. Of course not, because it's not set up to catch a terrorist like Mother Nature. It's also not set up to secure American citizens from other American citizens.

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