September 08, 2005

Poor Gym Etiquette

There were three guys displaying poor etiquette at my gym tonight.

95 lbThey were taking turns doing shoulder presses using increasing weight with every set. When they started using particularly heavy weights (90 lbs.) they dropped them and the weights bounced. Scary right? I was sitting on a bench next to them doing my little work out with my 7.5 pound weights when one of those big ole weights bounced in the direction of my foot.

65 lbI looked at them and said "Dudes. If that lands on my foot I'm going to be really pissed." Just so you understand what was going on, these guys were enormous. I don't know where I got the cajones to say anything to them, but there is NO WAY IN HELL, I'm marching down the aisle with a broken toe. To my surprise, they assured me that it wouldn't happen again. They were true to their word. It didn't. They started working out with more manageable weights (65 lb. each) and didn't drop anything else.

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