July 31, 2008

Worse Than Before

The doctor was right. I do feel worse than I did yesterday. I'm coughing like crazy, breaking through the effects of my cough medicine.

I just don't feel good. Ach!!!!!

Hopefully this is the worst and I can start biking again tomorrow. I miss biking.

July 30, 2008

The Doctor

I went to see the doctor, because that is what you do when you don't feel good. Turns out I have a flu-like virus. Anti-biotics are not recommended or required because they don't do anything for viruses.

He said to continue resting and that I would get worse before I got better.

Dr. E had never heard before the complaint of someone's scalp hurting. I didn't realize how unusual that was. Because my mother also complains sometimes of her hair hurting or her scalp hurting. Dr. E. said that my tender skin was a reaction to this virus and recommended anti-inflamatory medicine like Advil, which I'd already been taking.

He didn't really help me much but I'm sure glad I went to see him.

July 29, 2008

Dark Knight

Staying home to take care of yourself when you're sick is boring. And yesterday I was getting really bored. Jon and I went to see a movie to break the tedium. See. Jon had already gone on a great bike ride, one that I would love to have done myself so his need to get out of the house was not as great as mine.

In the late afternoon, we decided to go see the Dark Knight. Not the best movie ever made. I can't strongly recommend that you see it.

I will say that Heath Ledger delivers a top caliber performance as the Joker. He was a tremendous actor. He's unrecognizable as Heath Ledger. He changed everything about himself to play the Joker - his posture, his voice, his mannerisms. He gave the Joker life.

Regarding the movie, it felt like it went on for four hours. Just when I thought the movie was going to end, the filmmakers tacked on another ending. This is not my favorite film making technique. And whether or not it's intentional I couldn't tell you. But if it is CUT IT OUT film makers. I don't like fake endings.

Feeling Better?

I'm not really feeling better, but I'm not feeling any worse. My temperature never goes above 99.5. I've started a mildly productive cough. My ears hurt but I don't think they're infected. And I'm tired. Really tired. I slept pretty well last night. I was asleep by 10.

I called my doctor just to be safe. I'm waiting to hear from him about whether or not he thinks I should come in for a visit. You don't always have to see your doctor when you have a problem. From what I know about the flu, it doesn't last more than a week. And my flu is right on schedule in terms of symptoms.

The only thing that doesn't make sense is the sore skin. I still don't get that.

July 27, 2008

Dream Omelet

Chef Cooks 'Dream Omelet' From Recipe That Came To Him In A Dream

Summer Flu (con't)

Did I mention the part about my skin hurting? That is probably the weirdest symptom I've experienced during an illness. I've had the sensation before when you're hair hurts but not the skin.

My fever went up since this morning and I started aching all over the place. My skin started to really, really hurt so I took four Advil. Then Jon and I went for a walk around Astoria. We must have been gone an hour. My legs were really weak. But when we got home, my fever was gone. And I felt good for having walked even though it tired me out a bit.

Hopefully, my skin will stop hurting soon. If not, I'm going to the doctor.

Summer Flu

I have the flu. Can you believe it? Jon and I went to the beach on Friday morning. When I woke up super early for the trip, I wasn't feeling quite right, but I attributed that to waking up too early. I figured I would sleep on the beach. We got to the beach okay. I was still fatigued, but not so bad that I couldn't enjoy myself. We frollicked and rambled and had a good time. Then we left so Jon and I could have a final lunch with my relatives from France. They were leaving that night.

At lunch, I started feeling light headed. I reasoned that I got too much sun, not realizing yet that I was coming down with something. We finished lunch. My mom and I took Jon to the train so he could go to work. I drove both ways. I have to practice when I can. While I was driving, I wasn't paying attention to how I was feeling. It was nice to drive in my bathing suit and flip flops because I haven't done that in a long time.

When I got back to my mom's, I went next to door to hang out with her neighbor and my friend. She has a pool and two kids. My cousin's kid was one of the visitors. So I went into L's pool, with my cousin's kid and her two kids and we splashed around a bit. We made a human whirlpool, which is something I hadn't ever done before. L understood that because I grew up on the beach, I never played in pools as a kid.

Anyway, a "whirlpool" is when everyone in the pool walks in a circle until you build up enough momentum that you can float in a circle. But we didn't do that. Instead we changed directions and walked against the current we had created. It was fun but it wiped me out. I was exhausted after that. I had to get out of the pool. I sat with L for half an hour on her screened terrace discussing life and movies. And I started getting really, really sleepy and achy. I had to leave.

I got back to my mother's and that was it. I knew I was sick. Once my neck and shoulders start to get a specific kind of achy I know I have a fever and I was that kind of achy. I took a shower and took a nap. The aspirin helped me feel good enough to go with my parents to the airport to send my family on its way.

The airport was nightmarish. For a variety of reasons, most attributable to the fact that the check-in agent was brand new and unsupervised, check-in took an hour. But my family eventually made it on to their flight.

I stayed at my parents. I wasn't feeling well enough to go home.

I took the train yesterday afternoon to come back to the Astoria. That 50 minute train ride felt like an eternity. After I walked through the door, I took my temperature. 99.9 degrees. I know that's not very high but it was high enough to make me uncomfortable. Two hours later, my temperature was 100.5. I took some tylenol. I slept. I watched some TV. I went to dinner with Jon and had some Japanese soup. Yum. And then I went to sleep.

This morning. Not a smidge of fever. I looked up the symptoms for summer flu. And sure enough, the discription matches what's happening to me.

Two days of fever followed by upper respiratory complaints -sore throat, congestion, coughing, etc., which is what I am now experiencing. This is the second time in my life, I've had the flu. So while this story may seem unremarkable to you, it's pretty remarkable to me. Summer flu. Whodathunkit? Not me. I've had summer colds but never a summer flu.

July 21, 2008

There Will Be Yawning

Jon and I just watched There Will Be Blood. He really liked it. I really did not like it.

I thought it was long and boring. It's like the director Paul Thomas Anderson was trying to channel Orson Welles via Citizen Kane and anything by Kubrick.

Visually, it was stunning, but between the script and the overacting . . .

If you liked it, then that's great. I'm glad you found a film you like.

But I think it was a little overrated.

July 20, 2008

Perez Hilton

AOL Entertainment News is all over Perez Hilton this morning. I have completely missed the boat on the Perez Hilton phenomenon. Maybe someone could explain it to me.

Here is what I know of him. His website is unreadable. In interviews, he comes off as the bitchiest man. And his speaking voice - och - it's like listening to nails on a chalk board.

From what I can tell, he aspires to be like Matt Drudge, if Matt Drudge were a horrible little troll.

July 15, 2008

Statue of Liberty

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Crinkle Fries
Yesterday, Jon and I took my visiting French relatives to the Statue of Liberty. We left early enough in the morning so we could meet them at 9:30 at Penn Station. I was smart. I made reservations for the boat via the interweb, so we had tickets for an 11:15 ferry to Liberty Island.

It was on the subway down to Battery Park when I discovered that I didn't have my camera. Later in the day, I found it in on our coffee table where I'd placed it so I wouldn't forget it. So, sadly I don't have any pictures to illustrate are fun outing.

It's been a while since I've been to Liberty Island. That security check really dampened the fun atmosphere. But once we got through the security check the ride over was quite nice. We all sat together on the top level of the ferry. It rained ever so slightly. Aside from that bit of drizzle the day was rain free.

Liberty Island didn't seem terribly crowded. We were able to see that great view of downtown Manhattan, even through the haze. But we didn't go into the monument itself. Turns out you have to buy the tickets for that in advance because the security check they perform in Battery Park, to get onto the island is also the security check for entering the Statue. This was not a tragedy. I've been in there plenty of times, Jon's been in there also. And my relatives, with the exception of the 10 year old, have also seen the inside. The 10 year old is not really the museum, plaque reading type and it turned out to be a good thing.

We had lunch there which was eh, but my relatives were hungry. The mediocre food filled the void.

Then we had to get off of Liberty Island which took a little over an hour. (It felt more like ESCAPE FROM LIBERTY ISLAND because it seemed so difficult). Who knew there were so people on the island with is. All of a sudden it seemed like there were thousands of people standing on line with us. We got on line and at 2 and disembarked at Battery Park around 3:15. That time includes missing the ferry we got on line for and then waiting for another one. This time, I was feeling a little sea sick and sat below with my aunt.

It wasn't until we arrived at Battery Park that we discovered the 10 year-old lost his bag with money and a disposable camera he'd bought for the adventure. I felt so bad for him. He was very upset.

Everyone was hot so I took them into the Museum of the Native American at Bowling Green. If you haven't been there you should go. It is also the Alexander Hamilton US Custom House. And the building is beautiful. You've never seen a rotunda like the one build into this building. It was free and it was cool inside. But guess what we had to do before we could enjoy what the museum had to offer? That's right. We had to go through another security check. Belts, keys - everything.
I guess I can't blame them.

I sat with my aunt in the rotunda, while the others checked out the museum. The 10 year old calmed down. It was a nice transitional activity.

After the museum we took the 4 train at Bowling Green up to 42nd Street and we did an abbreviated tour of mid-town. I showed them Grand Central station. Then we walked across 42nd to Broadway.

The Surge
Just before we got to 5th Avenue, walking west, we spotted a bunch of police cars. Walking further we saw a bunch of cops standing together in a clump. They kindly posed for my uncle when he said CHEESE and took their picture. Then they got in their cars and drove off together toward the West Side Highway. The police do this all the time. They pick an area, gather together and then drive off together. It's usually about the same time every day, around 4:30. My friend Sam called it "a surge" once and I'm not sure if that's officially what it's called but I liked that description. (I just did a quick search and found this.)

We walked past the library and then at 6th Avenue we started walking up town. The goal was to show the 10 year old Toys R Us because he'd actually heard of the four story toy store in New York City. It's entirely possible he'd heard of FAO Schwartz but Toys R Us was closer. Besides I think Toys R Us is way neater. That's at 44th Street and Broadway if you're wondering. So, we showed them Times Square and Toys R Us. They saw Grand Centra Station, the NYP library from the distance, the Chrysler building behind them. Not bad for a one hour tour.

Getting to Penn Station
We walked down 7th Avenue to get to Penn Station, so my relatives could take the train back to my parent's house. That was difficult. I never knew before how crowded 7th avenue is during rush hour. But we managed to stay together and they made a 6:00 train home. Jon and I stood on the platform until we saw that everyone was seated. And then we went home and vegged out.
We watched the All Star Homerun contest on ESPN. After Hamilton hit 28 homeruns, I started falling asleep so I went to bed. (I don't know who won, so don't tell me.) I was pretty tired.

July 14, 2008


Worry is a worrisome thing. I am worried about something, probably not worth mentioning, so I'm not mentioning it. But my mind is seized on this one thing and won't let it go.

I hate when I get like this. It's always about the stupidest things.


July 11, 2008

Celebrity Spottings

This week at Gypsy, I've seen
Robert Townsend (looking very sexy)
Valerie Bertinelli (absolutely stunning in person)
Doris Roberts (asked me for directions to the stage door)
Clarke Peters (going into a restaurant next to the St. James theater)

July 08, 2008


My friend just got engaged. I'm so happy for her. People deserve the happy moments they get in life. And that's all people. But especially my friend, because she is a very special person who deserved everything good thing that comes her way.

I'm also happy for me because reading about her engagement, reminded me of Jon's proposal. That was certainly a happy, happy day. I remember smiling so hard, I thought my face was going to break. And I couldn't stop smiling.

Jon started the proposal by presenting me with a Valentine's Day card that he made. Inside was a poem, that described the trajectory of our relationship. The poem ended with a proposal. I still have the card. I'll probably keep the card forever.

It was romantic.

July 05, 2008

Bullets on a Fifth of July

* Tuesday, in addition to the Millionaire debaucle, Jon and I helped a couple of friends move in together. In spite of the hard work, it felt good to help them.

* Jon and I went on several challenging bikerides this week. They were challenging because it was both hot and windy.

* I am sunburnt.

* There is a new X-Files movie coming soon to a theater near me. WAHOOOO!!!!!

* Yesterday was the 4th of July. It rained on my plans of going to my friends rooftop to watch Macy's fireworks display in the east river.

* Today I'm working at Passing Strange at the Belasco theater. I've been invited to the staff's 4th of July BBQ which will take place between shows. I may or may not go. Everybody, including the stars of the show, will be at the BBQ. I'm too shy for that.

July 03, 2008

Cloud Formation

Jon and I went on another bike ride to the Flushing Bay Promenade. I took a picture of this amazing cloud formation. If you look closely you can also see the new Shea Stadium under construction.

July 01, 2008

Who Wants to be a Milllionaire?

I do. But unfortunately, I did not pass the test or so they say. Who knows what a passing score is? The most I got wrong was two questions on a 30 question multiple choice test. Seriously. I am so Disappointed (notice the capital D).

I really thought I'd passed.

They suck.