February 29, 2004

7:30 am. Astoria

(Astoria, NY - Feb. 29) - It's 7:30 am in Astoria, the most culterally diverse neighborhood in the country. In the morning darkness of my dwelling it's impossible for me to tell how the weather is outside because of the brick wall that has been view these last 10 years. Last night on the news the big weather story was that we are having unually warm weather. Today the temperatures are supposed to rise to the 50's. What do I have planned today? Not much. House cleaning. Yes. Picking up my laundry. Yes. I was too lazy to do it. The cost to have it done was $17 and change. I think this is and forever will be the best deal in New York. My laundry was as heavy as a small child, and pound per pound, it would have cost me a minimum of $12 to do it myself. For five more dollars, I had it done. It's enough to make a poor shlub like me feel like a rich shlub.

I might work on some fiction today. I've been thinking about my life and the people I know and it's been stirring up some emotions that can only be dealt with safely through the lives of people I make up to represent my friends and family. You write what you know. I know some things. But isn't writing about your life in fiction the same as telling other people about your dreams? Dreams are only really interesting to the dreamers and their therapists and even then therapists listen because they are employees, not truly interested parties.

Would you guys want to read a fictionalized account of my life? Is that what all writers do? Did Steven King write the book Carrie because he was picked on as a teenager and had amazing revenge fantasies that he could only apply in a world he created on paper? Did Theodore Dreiser really know a woman like Sister Carrie or a man like her paramour who ends up killing himself in the end because Sister Carrie leaves him? Did Shakespeare's heart get broken when he was a teenager inspiring him to write Romeo and Juliet?

Tell me what you think. No. Really. See if you can answer these questions for me either in my comment section or in your web log.

1) Do you think your life is good enough to write about?
If yes, do you worry that you will offend people you know even though you are writing fiction? If no, why not?

2) What type of situation (not the situation itself) would you like to fictionalize?

3) Do you have family members that make you want to rip out your hair (again no specifics necessary) to the point that you want to burn them in a story?

4) When you read, what type of stories do you find most entertaining?

These are not rhetorical questions. I'd like to see some answers here or on your blog.

February 28, 2004

La Catedral

I am not very well travelled but when I have gone to visit my family in France, the one tourist type thing I like to do is to visit cathedrals. Maybe it's because I'm Jewish and Judaism has never been able to flourish as artistically as Catholicism. Maybe it's because I'm in love with the idea that some of the best art in the world has been commissioned by the Catholic church allowing artist to express their deep religious convictions with passion and life through their art. Maybe it's because cathedrals are just beautiful structures that are nice to look at. If I were travelling with Jon in Barcelona I would insist that we visit this Cathedral.

The origins
The most distant origins of the Cathedral of Barcelona correspond to a basilica with three naves which was destroyed by Al -Mansur (925). The remains of this basilica can be seen in the City History Museum . Around 1046, a new cathedral was commenced at the initiative of Bishop Guislabert. We have few references to this building: it is believed to have occupied a part of the Gothic building, but some of its Romanesque elements remain.

The present-day basilica
Construction began in 1298, during the bishopric of Bernat Pelegrí and the reign of King Jaume II, known as "the Just". The work on the present-day façade of the Cathedral remained unfinished until the end of the last century, being completed by the architects Josep Oriol Mestres and August Font i Carreras, taking inspiration from a drawing from the 15th century by Mestre Carlí.
And then maybe after that, we would stroll down to this site.

La plaça del Rei

The Plaça del Rei (the 'King's Square') is the most noble urban space of old Barcelona. At the rear is the façade of the Royal Palace which contains the exquisite Saló del Tinell banqueting hall. To the right is the Palatine Chapel or Chapel of Saint Agatha and to the left the Lieutenant's Palace where, during some time, the Archive of the Aragon Crown was housed. Now this Archive is located at Almogàvers street. To the right, at the corner of Carrer del Veguer, is the Clariana-Padellàs house, which now houses the City History Museum.

Anonymous Blogger

Just in case any of my readers were wondering, I have ended my pouty feud with the Anonymous Blogger. I have a good idea who he is in reality and if he is who I think he is, he's a pretty nice and interesting guy who just happens to be a little bit sensitive. If I were on the market for a boyfriend, I would definitely consider having drinks with him, because if he is who I think he is, he is not badlooking (not that that matters but it doesn't hurt). He has beautiful eyes. Of course, I am not looking for a boyfriend. I'm very happy with the one I have. We get along really well and I like him a whole lot - most interesting person I've ever met.

That's key for anybody who is looking for advice on relationships. If you can be friends with someone you are dating, you never run out of things to talk about and talking is pretty much what it's all about. Your significant other should interest you and you should be interesting to him/her otherwise the relationship can feel pretty superficial.

And I think most people who read my blog are getting too old for superficial relationships.

Friends and Neighbors

Amanda recently wrote about her ex-con neighbor receiving a large shipment of blue barrells recently where she speculates as to what her neighbor is up to.

It reminds of my friend R who used to live in my building but has since moved to Virginia with her husband and child. We used to sit at her living room window and watch people on the street. One time, we saw our neighbor J who has this 200 year old Lhasa Apso who never seems to perish, walking with an old man we see very often in the neighborhood. R speculated that this woman in her 40's was having an affair with this older man. I almost believed her, because I've also seen him walking late at night with a woman who more closely matches his own age, his wife.

One night, long after R moved, I saw him and this women walking the younger woman's dog. So I said Hi. I see you're walking Mason. They said, "Yes, we do that when our daughter is out of town." They are J's parents. So R's theory that something lacivious was going one was wrong.

Also, we had three neighbors who lived together in the aparment next to mine. R speculated that these 2 men and 1 woman were living together in some sort of bizarre sexual arrangment. Two of the people in this arrangement were brother and sister, something else R didn't know when she came up with this theory. I didn't learn this until the brother moved out a few months ago. Again, R was wrong.

I have to admit. Looking at people through R's eyes is one of the things I miss most about having her live upstairs from me.

I miss my friend and her nice family very much. I should get down to Virginia soon. I'm sure they'd be glad to see me.

February 27, 2004

Friday's Turn at Bat

Today is Friday, Friday, Friday
It will be a fun day, fun day
All day long

The day I've been looking forward to all week is finally up.

I really wish I could stay home today and do nothing but I plan on a day of nothing tomorrow, a real lazy Saturday day. Wait. I'm wrong. I plan to spend some time at brother's tomorrow to visit with Ethan (my nephew). I haven't seen him since the bris. I've been staying away because I have a cold that never seems to go away and I don't want him to get sick. Apparently he's getting really cute and really chubby, just the way a baby should be in my opinion.

Sunday, will be a lazy Sunday, all to myself with no outside stimuli. Just the inside ones, like Blogging, my bed, the television, my bed, a new book to crack open and enjoy, my bed, making homemade fudge and lastly my bed.

There will be an early morning facial, a half hour shower, and a little housecleaning and in between each activity a little power nap to get me through each of following activities. I'm looking forward to the moment, later, when I walk out of the door after getting through another week of work, smoke that end of the word day cigarette and impatiently wait for the W train.

What would be great is if I could some writing done against some projects I have planned but working on a book would contradict lazy Sunday. That should be the toughest choice I make all week.

February 25, 2004

In Other News

Howard Stern Show Taken Off Clear Channel Stations

I've been listening to Howard Stern's current radio show since the fall of 1985. Rude things have been happening on his show for years. I can't believe his show is being pulled from Clear Channel Stations. I never thought I would see it happen.

I am a fan of his. While I don't always like everything he says, amazingly my life still seems to go on unaffected. Besides, there's a lot more fun stuff happening on his show than rude stuff on any given day.

He does push the envelope though. I hope he doesn't get pulled from the air in New York City.

And So It Begins

Woman Collapses During Showing of "The Passion Of The Christ"

Apparently the woman in the article had a heart attack during the graphic depiction of the crucixion. She didn't survive.

(On a more glib note, when you link to the article, notice the well placed ad on top of the page for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas.)

To Find GOD You Need Look No Further Than The Internet

It turns out that GOD has a page on the IMDB (via Vidiot)

Who knew?

The "Gay"mendment

I actually heard on the radio this morning that Bush is "pushing (mmmmm) so hard and fast" to make this gay marriage ban amendment stick because he wants to make sure it's sealed and in the box before the upcoming election in case he doesn't win a second term. I can only agree with that statement which I heard during the morning news on WOR am radio.

People on the most part, if what I've been reading, hearing, seeing on the news is the absolute truth, are not in support of gay marriage but do not oppose same sex unions. I say if you're willing to acknowledge a same sex union why not go the one step further and accept a same sex marriage.

What's the worst thing that could happen? Will the earth get knocked off it's axis if this country allows people of the same sex to wed? Will the human race experience a backwards evolution leading us back to the time when we were just ooze on a beach if this country allows to women to walk down the aisle? Perhaps aliens will see our allowing gays and lesbians to marry as the time in our history when we are most vulnerable and choose that time to take over our planet for whatever resources it has left.

What are the repercussions people fear most? Does anyone really believe that somehow God almighty will be angered by married gays and thus smite us? I have a comment section below if you would care to explain this to me. FYI. The questions on my blog are not rhetorical.

Amazing Apartments

Two amazingly large 1 bedroom apartments opened up in my building. I looked at them last night and they are large and in charge. One is going for $1000 and the other for $1050. If you are interested in living in Astoria, 5 mintues from the N train in a culturally diverse neighborhood, let me know. I'll get a finders fee. I would take either one of them if I had the money

The Littlest Groom - Conclusion?

Did I tell you about the conclusion of the The Littlest Groom?

The show ended in the same whirlwind that started it. Glen, our little contestant in the end chose between and average size woman and a little woman. I was a little disappointed. Not at his decision to go with the cute and outgoing Mika, a little actress from LA I believe. (If only I could write this blog, go to work, have a social life and sleep at the same time, this diatribe would be longer right now.) I was disappointed that the show wasn't longer. I was also a little disappointed that the producers of the show didn't think that a show without the addition of average sized women wouldn't have done well. And that they believed the show couldn't sustain substantial viewership for more than 2 weeks.

I'm not sure how the Little People community felt about the show, but at some point I plan to look around the web to see if anyone from the LPA or the community in general had any comments and then I will post them here.

February 24, 2004

Trivia recap

After a beer and some dinner I felt much revived after a hard day work. Trivia went well. There was a great turnout, at least 55 people by my hopefully not obvious headcount. There were thirteen teams and an exciting and rare tie breaker for first and second place. The winning team was The Cash-in of the Christ. The funniest team name was Six of Years Sex, Christ Coming on Wednesday.

NB: A big thanks to Jon for assisting me with my rounds.

I started with the general knowledge round which I centered around New York City Trivia. Here are the questions and the answers.

1. On Sunday, the subway map for the B, D, M, N, Q, R and W trains was completely redone thanks to the long awaited completion of construction work on the Manhattan Bridge. In what year did the work on the Manhattan Bridge begin?

2. Which was the first of the outer boroughs to join Manhattan as part of New York City?

3. You have to be at least 18 years old, between 5'6" and 5'10 1/2" in height, and proficient in tap and jazz, in order to join what organization founded in 1925?

4. "Angel of the Waters," a statue by Emma Stebbins, has the distinction of being the first major artwork by a woman that was commissioned by New York City. It is also the only sculpture in Central Park that was part of the park's original plan. Where in the park will you find it?

5. There are four bridges connecting The Bronx and Queens. Three of them are the Triborough, the Whitestone and the Throgs Neck. What is the fourth?
Rikers Island Bridge

6. What 2001 movie was set at the intersection of Mulberry, Anthony, Cross, Orange and Little Water streets?

7. Who has won the New York City Women's Marathon nine times -- a record?

8. Who, in 1524, was the first European explorer to sail into New York Harbor?

9. It was first built in 1879 at East 26th Street. Since then, this major indoor entertainment complex has been torn down and rebuilt several times. The fourth and current version was opened in 1968 with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby as hosts. What is it?

10. He called New York City "the great place, the heart, the brain, the focus, the NO MORE BEYOND of the Western World," he wrote poems such as "A Broadway Pageant" and "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry," and he worked as editor of the Brooklyn Eagle from 1846-47. Who was this great New Yorker?

Caren then did a great job with the current events questions including the name of President Bush's recently deceased dog and the equivalent in Male literature for Chick Lit (that produced at least one funny answer repeatedly but the correct answer was "Lad" lit). I really enjoyed Caren's top ten list which was the top 11 - 20 boy's names from the 70's. For my audio round, I went with title tracks and their artists and for my visual round I asked the teams to identify pictures of famous funny femmes ranging from Gracie Allen to Wanda Sykes. Generally it went pretty well. One friend of mine suggested that perhaps I should have started with an easier song in the audio round but other than that people were pretty complimentary. I'll be co-hosting again in March and April so if you couldn't make it tonight for my rounds hopefully you'll make it then.

Tueday Night Trivia

My questions? Finished

What questions? for Tuesday Night Trivia

I am co-hosting trivia tonight and I hope you can make it.

At 7:30, Caren Lissner will start the game.
Try to get there early so you can get a table.

The Baggot Inn
on West Third Street
Between Thompson and Sullivan
New York City

I'll see you there.

February 23, 2004

No More Sex - PART I

There will be no more new Sex. Sex in the City is over, done, finished and yes the final episode moved me to tears. I've ranted against the show before and I believe for good reason. and that's pretty much because it is so far removed from my reality and most people's I know.

Here are some of the problems I've had with the show which we will be followed what I like about it.

1) The woman on the show never wear the same outfit twice. Even the richest woman in the world, I'm sure has a favorite thing that she likes to wear over and over again. Miranda is a lawyer for goodness sake. She would have several nice suits in her wardrobe that she wore again and again. She wouldn't wear a different one every day.

2) Carrie could not possibly afford that apartment and all of those pairs of shoes on her freelance writing salary.

3) Men only existed in that show,for the most part, to show us how frustrating life is for single women. Okay. That one might be true.

4) Carrie's article, if she is indeed soliloquizing from her weekly article while narrating the show is the most boring thing for a newspaper column. Does anybody in the show's reality really care about Carrie Bradshaw's life? I would find that weekly read terribly depressing. Also, do writer's have weekly articles in NEW YORK CITY papers of note?

5) The show has more puns than the New York Post on a good day.

February 22, 2004


She's my daughter. (smack)
She's my sister. (smack)
She's my daughter. (smack)
She's my sister. (smack)

No, but seriously folks, I just flew in from Chicago and boy are my arms tired.
Jon and I did indeed meet in Chinatown for our tour but there was no one there to give us a tour. So we did our own tour of Chinatown or more so a Val turn of Chinatown.

First, I showed Jon my favorite store in the world Pearl River as promised in this morning's posting. I was sad to discover that Pearl River has been named THE GREAT MALL of CHINA or CHINA MALL or something like that and once inside I could see that the store has been tampered with. The pharmacy I liked so much was gone. They still had the stuff and junk that makes shopping in that store fun but not as much as they used to. The food section of the store had a very elegant selection of POCKY. For those of you who don't know, POCKY is a thin cookie dipped in a variety of different flavors mostly chocolate. My POCKY choice here (there will be one later) was Chocolate Coconut POCKY which I bought for at least 1 dollar cheaper than adverised in the above link.

I also bought some INSTANT GINGER HONEY CRYSTALS tea to help soothe my chronic heartburn, a couple of instant UDON soups, a box of RED PANAX GINSENT EXTRACTUM for my general well being at much less than the prices advertised on line, and for Jon some Almond Caramel Corn.

Then, after satisfying my need to buy stuff, Jon and I went to satisfy our appetites. He introduced me to an absolutely wonderful restaurant on Doyer's Street formerly called Viet-nom. He had the shrimp squid curry while I had the duck and taro root dish. Both were wonderful, both were delicious and we both enjoyed some wonderful hot banana pudding for dessert. I know the duck and taro dish sounds wierd but it was pretty good and weird. The restaurant serves the duck with this wonderful pepper sauce and when I asked our waiter where I could buy some he rattled off the recipe quickly and with his accent I completely missed it. If you know of this pepper sauce or how I can make it please write me immediately at goodmanval@aol.com.

I then introduced to Jon to my favorite grocery store in Chinatown, KAM-MAN on Canal Street. We were overpowered by the stench of dried fish products the moment we walked in but I don't mind. I've been shopping there on and off for the 14 years or so I've lived in New York City so I was already used to it before we walked in. There I bought some lavendar scented incense, and yet another kind of POCKY, POCKY Extra-Chocolat. I have long enjoyed their foods but no more so than POCKY. Some friends introduced POCKY to me over the summer. I didn't have the heart to tell them I've known about POCKY for more than half my life. If you haven't had it or you can't find it in your neighborhood, go to one of the above links and order some soon. It really is a delightful treat.

That was two hours of our day well spent. I am home now. I just finished up some work for my office and blogged about our adventure. When the weather is nicer, I'd like to take Jon on the tour I give my relatives when they visit France. We start out in Chinatown, make our way up to SOHO via Little Italy, walk through the East Village and finish by walking up Fifth Avenue after going through Washington Square Park.

I still have my headache, but at least I accomplished some stuff today. A quick turn of Chinatown and that spreadsheet I needed to get done.

I think I'll have some of that GINGER HONEY tea now.

Saturday Night

I took advantage of Saturday night to shore up against a possible flood of sick. Perhaps I slept too much because I woke up this morning with a headache.

Half an hour in a steamy shower seemed to help for a little bit but the headache is creeping back slowly.

I will not let this headache deter from enjoying a pleasant Sunday, however. Jon and I are meeting downtown for a walking tour of Chinatown. I haven't been to Chinatown in ages and I'm pretty psyched. I definitely want to stop by Pearl River to do some stuff-n-things shopping. Pearl River is three floors of the best point of purchase items you've ever seen. On the third floor, there is a pharmacy that sells tiger balm pretty cheaply and those great medicated pads that you can put on sore and achy muscles for temporary relief. I can't wait. Headache or no.
I feel the need to rant coming on. I have to troll around and see if I can find something to react to. If I do, you'll be the first to know.

February 21, 2004

Touched by a Virus

In spite of my declarations about refusing to get ill this winter season, it seems a virus has crept into my body and is making itself comfortable. I guess it was unavoidable. Two people in my office are sick, one has bronchitis and the other one, who has not yet dislosed with what he is ill, has been coughing vigorously for at least a month now. What makes me think I'm ill? Well, yesterday I just didn't feel good. I think during the course of the work day, I developed a fever which broke during the intense hours that followed. I felt better last night, so much so that I finished a great book I've been reading, which I will tell you about in another post, watched a little television - Dateline dedicated an hour of programming to The Passion of the Christ featuring Stone Phillips from the streets of Jerusalem and in another hour a feature on The Atkins Diet - and spent some time with my boyfriend. When I woke up this morning, after a restful 5 or 6 hours, I walked over to the library to return some sadly overdue library books ($16.20 worth to be exact - OUCH!). On the walk back, I was overcome with that illing feeling again. So, I took a nap upon arriving home. I woke up just a little while ago to catch up on some much overdue blogging ($0.00 worth to be exact - OUCH!) and my head is aching and my stomach is not quite right.

I hate to say it but I think I have to stay in tonight. It's been a while since I've spent a Saturday night alone, but I can't afford to let this virus take over my body and submerge me into full blown sickness. I have too much to get done next week at work. We are moving our office and I'm pretty much going to be the point person. I need to be physically fit and mentally on top of my game. How do I know I'm not on top of my game? Because Missy Elliot's musical segment from a repeat of MAD television just made me cry a little bit (kid dancers always choke me up). Blogging this post, I've been able to put aside my headache but it's creeping back up on me. I'm sure there will be more blogging tonight, but for now, I think I'm just going go lie down for a bit. Wish me luck on not coming down with the Plague of the minute.

Who Am I Kidding?

I said I was going to write the minutes for Wednesday's trivia game but who am I kidding. Too much happened. It was one of those nights when everything goes right. I had two great people on my team and the three of us won the first place prize.

I will tell you that the visual round was dedicated to baseball cards from the 60s. Each card had two or three players on it. We had to identify the player from each card that went on to become a Hall of Famer. If it hadn't been for my teammates encyclopedic knowledge of the game, I would not have had the honor of winning. Watching the two of them discuss these athletic legends was fascinating and somewhat educational. If I had a photographic memory, the conversation would be catalogued and I could report it to you verbatim, but sadly I don't so I cant. For the record, that is the first time I was on a team that came in first at the Wednesday night game.

I'm not a fan of the sport but baseball was very, very good to me that night. I'm sure I will never enjoy it as much again.

February 20, 2004

A Day Without Blogging

I can't believe I went a whole day without blogging.

When I got home last night at 7:45 after a hard day at work, the first thing I did even before my coat was off was turn on my computer. The need to blog last night was as strong as my need to smoke a cigarette after getting out on the street last night, having been inside for 10 hours. (side note: not leaving your office not even for 5 minutes is not something I recommend).

I wanted to give you the minutes from Wednesday night's incredibly enjoyable Drinking and Thinking at Dempseys. When I sat down in front of the computer my mind went completely blank and I was overcome with an incredible weariness. So, I saved my draft (a whole one line - Drinking and Thinking: minutes) and geared up for Friends. After Friends, I caught up with some people on the phone and vegged out for The Apprentice, my third favorite reality show behind My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance and American Idol.

Sometimes television is a good thing.

I have to get ready for work now, my scented bath is waiting, but if I have a moment later, I will definitely work on the minutes. If one of my teammates from Wednesday night happens to write the minutes, I will link to it.

February 17, 2004

The Littlest Groom

Just when you think TV producers have scraped the bottom of the formula barrell for the sake of their sacred reality shows, some producer finds just a little more beneath, possibly from under the barrell. Last night, I watched the premier of FOX's The Littlest Groom. I found this show very enjoyable even though producer's do seem to be scraping the formula barrell for the sake of this reality show. I think it is nice that this show was put together for little people. It seems television is getting there with regard to representing real television viewers as opposed to fantasy television viewers even they are still not quite there. A show where both little and average size people compete for the same bachelor or bachelorette such as in the ABC shows that started them all might seem a little more even handed.

I was a little annoyed that they seem to be only devoting two episodes to the show as opposed to stretching it out like The Bachlorette or My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance or Average Joe 2 Hawaii. I certainly was enjoying the show up to a point. I watched while the littlest groom met and talked with the little women to try to get to know them for the purpose of eliminations. It was all so hurried. In one show, he met about 15 women, eliminated 10, took golf lessons with the remaining 5 (at which time, a few of the bolder ones pulled him aside for some reality show maneuvering), he went on a private date with one (on a patio, in full view of the other bachelorettes who were watching from the dining room while they dined). The next day he took line dancing classes with the remaining 5 and then at the end of the show, during the second elimination, instead of Glen having to pick 3 women from 5, 3 average sized women were introduced to his selection as a "twist". It was interestingly similar to the "twist" in Average Joe Hawaii when they brought out the hunks a few weeks ago. They even had time to show the littlest groom in the hot tub with the three average sized women, all of who were wearing the tiniest of bikinis.

This left the little women to speculate as to the character of GLEN. Will he choose one of them or will he decide upon an average sized woman? I guess that is why I and millions of other viewers will be tuning in next week. During the opening of the show, in the one on one, camera/reality show contestant interview Glen claimed to be looking for someone who could understand what his life is like without having to explain everything, a point he emphasized throughout the show after meeting the bachelorettes. He spoke glowingly of the personalities of the women who remained after the first eliminations and seemed really focused on finding the right woman for him. But he lit up like a christmas tree when those average size foxes walked into the room.

Is it wrong that I enjoy these shows so much? I really enjoy them. As a matter of fact, I watched three in a row last night starting with the Littlest Groom, moving to My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance and then finishing up with Average Joe Hawaii. My favorite of the three is definitely My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance. I will write about that one later.

February 16, 2004

The Diet of Scrabble

Last night, Jon and I had dinner with my parents. We arrived around 4 to some delicious munchies and 2 photo albums my parents pulled out for the occasion of entertaining Jon. Jon suffered that hour nicely as my parents pulled him back and forth between piles of competing family histories in photographs.

After the stroll down memory lane we ate some of my mother's good home cooking; beef barley soup with porcini mushrooms, chicken cacciatore (my mom's own recipe) with rice, a wonderful salad with her incredible vinaigrette.
Jon and my mother polished off the Sunday Times puzzle while my dad and I caught up a little bit over cigarettes. Then coffee and dessert were served while we started what would be an evening of extremely competitive team Scrabble.

We broke up into teams. Jon and I versus my mom and dad. Mom and dad won the game. But they offered us a rematch which we accepted. Thanks to such winning seven letter words as PLANTAIN (made against a loose "N") and AFGHANS, plus excellent letters, wonderful strategizing and a run of several phenomenally high scoring words, such as HAJIS (on a triple word score, with the s connecting to another word) and AX placed on triple letter scores in two directions, we were able to avenge out loss with a score of 429 to 280.

Feeling sporting we decided on a third game to give my parents a chance to break the tie of one game to one. Sadly for them, we won that game 300 to 280. That was a much a closer game and it was getting late. By the time we were done with the third game, we had about 25 minutes until our 11 something train which gave us enough time for goodbyes and quick ride to the station provided by my mom.

A good time was had by all.

February 14, 2004

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I thought Valentine's Day would be a good day to write my reaction to the reaction gay unions, marriages, civil joinings are causing. Whether or not being gay is a biological necessity or a psychological choice is really irrelevant. What is relevant is that there are people in this world who are gay and they would like the same rights and entitlements as people who are not. Trying to figure out whether homosexuality is environmental or inherent is not the point. Why is this even a debate? I feel that if people live by the rules laid out in the Ten Commandments then they are generally living good lives. I don't recall any of those commandments forbidding same sex unions.

Some people might argue that to be gay does not honor your mother and father. Well, if someone's mother and father accept their child's gay lifestyle than that person is not dishonoring his/her parents. If someone's lifestyle is not causing harm to another person's body or another person's relationship (as in killing another person or coveting a neighbors property or life partner) then they are still living by this basic decency outline.

People use the bible as evidence that homosexuality is immoral, that it is a sin. Whether that's true is irrevelant and most likely outdated. I always find those arguments weak. If you're trying to increase your tribe and multiply your numbers, you might make rules preventing same sex unions but believe me, we have enough tribe members all over this planet. So I could see people preventing that like they might prevent people from eating pork for fear of trichonosis. People. Procreation is no longer an issue.

What are gay people supposed to do? Go underground? Eject themselves into space? Live in special colonies on special islands in the South Pacific? No. Of course not.

If you are straight and celebrating your Valentine's Day with your love one, think about how nice that is; how special you feel; how fortunate you are. Now imagine that heterosexuality has been deemed immoral and even showing the slightest affection offended the family next to you, so much so that people were covering their children's eyes and gasping at your lack of self control.

In a world full of hate, love should be encouraged. Life time unions should be encouraged and permitted. Gay people should have the same right to marry, have children, put their partners on their life insurance, give their partners Power of Attorney, plan their estates, etcetera, as the Breeders.

Not being gay is my choice for my own personal reasons but those are my reasons and mine alone and they are none of anyone's business. As a woman, I have power over my body with regard to reproductive rights. If I lost those rights I would be devastated. If I were around when those rights were changing for women I would have been very excited.

Just imagine how many people's lives would improve if gay unions were made legal. I think opposing gay marriages, unions is a waste of time. If anything, allowing this on a large scale will only help to reinforce family values and encourage tolerance.

Happy Valentine's Day.

February 13, 2004

Friday Five

Friday Five

1. Are you superstitious?

2. What extremes have you heard of someone going to in the name of superstition?
Paying a psychic thousands of dollars to remove an "alleged" curse.

3. Believer or not, what's your favorite superstition?
I don't have one. It's too hard to choose.

4. Do you believe in luck? If yes, do you have a lucky number/article of clothing/ritual?
Yes and no. Yes, I believe in luck but I believe it is random and not up to a number of article, or piece of clothing or a ritual.

5. Do you believe in astrology? Why or why not?
Yes and no. Yes, the Chinese Horoscope seems to work well for me. I find that the personality descriptions of the signs, fit people I know to the Tee. No. Western Horoscope doesn't work for me because at the time that the stars were identified, the sky was different, meaning that the stars have shifted because the universe is contantly in motion.

My Nine Year Old Self

Dawn has a great entry today about an event she attended yesterday.

The event was a panel discussion on love sponsored by The Week and featured as one of the speakers, Farrah Fawcett. Dawn writes that this was a special gift for her year old self who desired to look like Farrah Fawcett when she grew up. I was also invited to this event by publicist Matthew Caldecutt, but unfortunately, due to my work schedule I was unable to attend.

Reading Dawn's entry I was reminded of what my nine year old self wanted to be when I grew up. 50% of me wanted to be Jamie Sommers from the Bionic Woman. Like Dawn, who owned a Farrah Fawcett doll as a little girl, I owned a BIONIC WOMAN DOLL. The doll was great. It was a great likeness to Lindsay Wagner and had removable panels on her arm and legs. Removing the panels revealed decals of bionic circuitry. I always wanted to have special powers when I was a little girl. Dawn grew up to be a beautiful woman just as she desired. Sadly, I was not able to grow electronic circuitry to improve the strength of my thighs and forearm. Nor was I able to develop super duper hearing. Also, when I run, there is no music playing in the background and if you look at me when I'm running, it appears that I am running in real time and not in slow motion.

The other person my nine year old self wanted to be when she grew up was Nadia Comanici. I was obsessed with her the year she won the olympics and most of my playing was centered around walking back and forth on a picnic bench at my friends house. In my mind, I was performing a balance bar routine. For your amusement, I scanned the photo my mother took during one of these play sessions.

February 12, 2004

Who Loves Me?

I'll tell you who.

88% Of The Internet Loves Me!
I am loved by 88% of the population, including:
2111 people who love feminists
2128 people who love morning people
2129 people who love windows users
In return, I love 65% of the population, including:
1168 naked people
764 masochists
140 politicians
show the love at spacefem.com

Holly Hostess

This adorable site, Parasite Pals, comes to us via Human Oddities via her friend Red Tide (no link available).

I am particularly fond of Blinky, the Eyelash Mite.

More Obvious Stuff

In this article, entitled Breast for Success, from the msn.com website, Dahlia Lithwick talks about the reason for the women's team's success on the NBC show The Apprentice (which I will be staying home to watch tonight by the way).

Yes. She is correct that some of the women were hustling their sex appeal to win some of the contests but not all of them are. I can tell you in one episode while a few members of the women's team were shaking their asses to get a vendor to lower the price of gold, in the same episode, there was one woman who actually negotiated down the price of a golf club and all she did was talk. I was quite impressed with her and I continue to be. I hope she stays on the show for a while.

And besides, the women actually have been using strategies that extend past their cleavage. To say they have been relying purely on their sex appeal is unfair. This team works well together, they plan well and then do a good job of executing those plans.

Pointing out that sex sells is pretty redundant which is what this article does for the umpteenth time. Yes. Sex sells and advertiser's and TV producer's use the sex appeal of women to sell lots of stuff 'n' junk. That's why the producers of The Apprentice put pretty women on the show. That's why the show Joe Average features a beautiful woman picking from shlubby guys and not a beautiful man picking from frumpy women. That's why people tuned in to watch that very weird and almost unwatchable Paris Hilton reality show. That's one of the reasons why people tune in to watch the Soprano's (Bada Bing). That's why 3/4 of the women in this country have self-image problems.

Saying that people exploit sexy women to sell their wares is no longer the revelation it once was. It's an accepted reality that most of us have to come to accept and by most of us I mean the general public. The people who have the hardest time accepting this are the ones that write about American culture.

February 11, 2004

Tuesday Night Trivia Wrapup

Caren's guest host was the bubbly Jil.

Round 1 - General Knowledge
Jill picked 10 questions having to do with Black History Month.

Round 2 - Current Events
Caren picked 10 questions having to with Current Events

Round 3- Top Ten
Jill picked the top ten songs picked my Mobil Dee Jays that were the most popular at getting people on to the dance floor at events. We listed these in order from least popular to most popular meaning 10 was 1 and 1 was 10.

Round 4 - Audio Round
Jill has us guess the titles and artists of 10 songs having to do with love in honor of Valentine's Day

Round 5 - Visual Round
Also in honor of Valentine's, co-host Jill had us identify 10 photos of people who had the word Love in their name, including such people as Linda Lovelace, Patty Loveless and Jon Lovitz.

It was packed last night. I was on the third place team which is always nice. We also won for best team name. We were "I'm looking over that old Mars Rover, that I've overlooked before." For that we won a can of sour cream and onion Pringles. Yummers. I also walked away with a movie poster of MONSTER starring Charlize Theron.

The heckling was very special last night. Now I heckle like everyone else, hopefully it is viewed as gentle heckling, teasing of whoever is hosting. Someone crossed the line last night, heckling to the point of hurt feelings. I was very proud of the co-hosts for standing up to the hecklers and pointing out that there is a fine line between heckling and hurting people's feelings.

One of the more fun moments of last night's game was the debate as to what was the capitol of Tennessee. It went back and forth for about 10 minutes as we animatedly argued between Knoxville and Nashville. We found out that it was Knoxville for a while and then at some point the capitol was moved to Nashville. The hosts accepted both answers in the end.

I encourage people to come and play Tuesday Night Trivia as often as possible. It's great fun and thoroughly stimulating and a great, non-pressure way to meet new people. You never know who is going to be there.

Pulling it Together

I'm writing this with this with the hopes of pulling it together for work. I'm gathering my strength, collecting my thoughts, forcing the issue.

I went to Trivia last night for the first time in weeks. A break in the weather allowed me to end my winter hibernation early. I didn't get in too late. 11pm to be precise, but if you figure in time for unwinding, catching up on some phone calls and checking the blogs, I didn't get to sleep until after midnight.

Then I had a strange dream. One where I figured out a way to travel back into time. But I didn't go as far back as one would think. I went back to 1986 and hung out with people I know now but didn't know me back then. I think it was just an excuse to see my grandmother again because she popped into the dream at the end. We walked, talked and flew because I convinced my grandmother this was an alternative realty and we wouldn't get hurt if we jumped over the ledge to floors below. As in many of my dreams, I was in a large structure with many floors, doors and no exits.

Calling Dr. Freud. Calling Dr. Freud.

It was nice to visit with my grandmother again. She passed away over a decade ago. I really miss my grandparents sometimes.

February 09, 2004

The Bus Ride To Atlantic City

So. I gave you the general version of our great trip to Atlantic City. Here is one of the more fun of the details.

We arrived at Port Authority just in time for an Academy Bus. Our timing was pretty good because we made a bus that was leaving in five minutes. We found a seat together all the way in the back, yes by the bathroom, but I wasn't too worried figuring most people are like me and would only use a bus bathroom in a dire emergency. We were enjoying a quiet but bumpy trip there in the back and the privacy was pretty nice. Along the way we stopped at a rest stop a one person got on.

There were a few empty seats on the rest of the bus so when that one person got on I told Jon not to make a contact and not to move his stuff. And wouldn't you know it. This big pant load of a guy asked Jon to move his stuff so he could sit. Actually he said "Could you move your stuff? I need to sit there." He NEEDED to sit there as if it were some kind of weird gambling ritual. This portly man, squeezed into the small seat next to Jon with his knees in the way of the bathroom door and remained there, motionless staring foward for the remaining half hour of the trip.

I couldn't figure out whey he needed to sit there but in the end we did get some good advice from him. He told us to go to the SANDS because they gave a bigger redemption than the other Casinos. So that's what we need and we each got $20 back.

I was just so annoyed that he had to squeeze in there when there was a comfortable and roomy seat next to the woman who was sitting in front of us. Most annoying was that he held that woman's seat with his left hand for the whole trip meaning that his left arm was kind of in Jon's face. Of course, we are both so nice we didn't say anything. We just worked on the Sunday Times crossword, played tic tac toe, played hangman and wrote nasty notes to each other about the guy sitting next to us.

Ultimately, we had a nice day. But I wanted to remember every detail about the bus ride in so I could write about it here. And now I've done that.

Now, I am going to work on a Powerpoint presentation for work tomorrow. Actually, I'm just using Powerpoint for this presentation because ultimately, it's going to be printed and bound but it is a good design program for organizing such thoughts.

That's Weird

Someone got to my blog by searching for my nephew's name plus the word bris.

February 08, 2004

Atlantic City

Atlantic City was great!! First time I've been there, ever. Jon and I took a bus from Port Authority which dropped us off at The Sands. As soon as we walked in, I was awed by the noises and flashing lights of the slot machines. There were so many. Jon saw I was overwhelmed, so he suggested we walk on the boardwalk down to the Playcade where we could play some Skee Ball. I can't remember the last time I played that but that was incredibly fun. That may have even been the first time I played. Wow. We won enough tickets to buy a miniature travel size Connect Four game.

Walking back to the Sands, we noticed some cool things. A lot of the streets have state names so at the end of the streets, where they meet the boardwalk, the city planners placed a state related object. For example, at the end of Florida Street are two enormous flamingos. At the end of Missouri street is an Arch. Arkansas street only had the state symbol. I guess a full size reproduction of Bill Clinton would have been a little much.

Back at the Sands, after a refreshing walk by the beach, I was ready to try the slots. I've never been a casino at first. Jon was very specific about how I should play the slots. He said to play slowly, so I don't lose as fast. This didn't make sense as I thought I was going to win. Sure enough, I lost my 20 dollars in comp quarters rather quickly. But it was fun. Jon was at the roulette table. I couldn't watch. Gambling seems like a waste to me but I have to admit it was awfully fun and it was fun to see him at the roulette table. He looked sexy sitting there, putting chips down, taking a chance that way.

I had so much fun. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the right battery for my 18 year old, Pentax K-1000 non-digital, 35 mm single lens reflex camera, otherwise I would have photographed the cool tackiness of everything.

After getting in I put on the Grammies. The first thing I saw was Beyonce giving her gold medal winning performance in the vocal gymnastics event. Then some more people sang and won awards. It was alright. I'm not that into the Grammies for some reason. Probably because of the 245 commercials CBS played in the hour or so I watched it. The highlight for me was watching OUTKAST perform with Earth Wind and Fire. Of course, that segment died for me when George Clinton came out with P FunK? I don't think one member of that group looked appealing or sang in key. It was actually kind of a depressing segment toward the end. But like I said, I did enjoy I Like the Way You Move. Outkast can rap.

I thought you might all like to see a picture of Jon and Me. He's the handsome one with the glasses. I'm the incredibly happy looking one with the big goofy smile. Thanks to my friend Lilo for sending the pictures from LA. She took this one when we were at the bar with our friends celebrating her birthday. She came in for a few days to be with us and to see the city at Christmas time. Thanks again Lilo. It was so good to see you.

February 07, 2004

Satur - yay!!

Woke up early. Had coffee. Had breakfast out. Came home. Watched a science program on TV about body bugs including photographs of fleas. Started watching my Saturday guilty pleasure Beastmaster, fell asleep for a four hour nap.

Had to bail on visiting new born nephew because of a scratchy throat, sneezing and a sniffly nose. Supposed to be researching busses for our day trip tomorrow to Atlantic City. Feeling overwhelmed by the bevy of non-specific information available on the Internet. Not quite knowing where to start.

Choosing this style of writing because the I's and I AM's are implied. Tired of always starting every sentence with I.

The Grunty Caveman Test

Grrr arrr Rum and Monkey.

From The Onion

Man Stays Up All Night Procrastinating

Mindbending or is it Spoonbending News

In this interview, Uri Geller weighs in on UFO's and extraterrestrials

Area 52

While you're working your way through internet this Saturday, be sure to listen to Tony Hightower's latest installment on Area 52, The Echo Apartment. Mr. Hightower's goal with this site is to post 1 song a week in 2004. He invites people to offer feedback. I find this an exciting idea and encourage you to support this young artist's efforts.

This Morning

Saturday morning . . . again.
Took out the trash . . . again.

Just before the sun started to break through yesterday's clouds, the sky was grey and moody. It wasn't too cold. It wasn't warm. It was perfect. I sat on the front stairs of my building and looked up at the sky and it occurred to me that no matter where you are, if you look up, you will be seeing the same sky as me.

They should work that into the Pledge of Allegiance somehow....

one nation
under one sky

that would make more sense.

February 06, 2004

Googled but in a Weird Way


When Bad Things Happen to Good People

Whenever I hear about a missing child like Carlie Brucia, I think about my own childhood and my overprotective parents. When I was a child, I wasn't allowed to do anything or go anywhere. At 12 years old, I wasn't even allowed to take the city bus. My parents insisted on knowing my friends and their parents before I went to their houses. I hardly ever went to slumber parties and all in all I didn't have a lot of independence. When I was a child, I thought this was the worst of all fates. I had no independence, no privacy. All of my activities were closely monitored.

When my mother started working outside of the home, my father started working from our garage so there was always an adult around. As I got a little older, I had a little independence in the area of walking to and from school. But even then, I had to be home by a certain time if not to practice or do my homework, to deliver newspapers or baby sit or do chores.

When I think back to those walks home from school, I can remember several times when a man would pull up along side me in a car and say he was a friend of my father's and that I should get in the car with him because my father asked him to give me a ride home. I never did. Because we were all so close, granted maybe a little too close, I knew all of my parents' friends and knew when a stranger was really a stranger. There were also a couple times when I was approached while delivering my papers by men who wanted to marry 13/14 year old me to one of their sons in their home country.

My parents were amazing. They were ahead of their time. Anything can go wrong at any time even to children of the most loving and overprotective parents. When I think about the strangers who approached me either on my way home from school or on my paper route, I'm thankful that my parents taught me to be cautious and I'm thankful that they were so careful about screening my friends.

In college, I ran into one of my friends from the block who disappeared the year I turned 10 years old. She told me the uncle of one of our other block friends had molested her and that her family had to move for her sanity and that she had been through years of therapy. Consider that my parents knew the uncle, the parents, the grandmother and the children from that extended family who were my friends. The uncle never laid a hand on me, but how sad for my friend. Remember, I said my parents screened everybody carefully. That could easily have been me.

Anyway, I think you get the point. When I'm a parent, I'll risk alienating my children for the benefit of their safety because one day they will grow up and come back to me and say thank you for protecting them, just like I do with my parents.

Even under the best of circumstances, even if you're doing the best you job you can, even you are the nicest and best people in the world, bad things still happen because life and all it has to offer, both good and bad, is random at best

Friday Five

Caren writes in the comment section regarding the below post, "Who do you hope it is?" She asks a good question. I retitled the below post, I Hope It's Not True, because I wouldn't wish her fate on anyone.

On a lighter note, here are my answers to the Friday Five.

1. What's the most daring thing you've ever done?
I ran for Homecoming Queen even though I was one of the less popular girls in my Senior High School class. I did it because I wanted to. Not because I thought I was going to win. It was daring and a little fun because it surprised people that I was running, so much so, that they would ask me with disgust "Why are YOU running for Homecoming Queen"?

2. What one thing would you like to try that your mother/friend/significant other would never approve of?
Be in an altered state for days on end and make art.

3. On a scale of 1-10, what's your risk factor? (1=never take risks, 10=it's a lifestyle)
When you're a timid person, who doesn't like crowds, has low self-esteem and thinks of him/herself as shy, everything that involves speaking to large groups or heading into a large crowd is risk so I would have to say my risk factor is a 10. It's all relative.

4. What's the best thing that's ever happened to you as a result of being bold/risky?
Producing and directing an off-Broadway event with some friends from an acting class was definitely a risk but well worth it. Hosting bar trivia opened up my life to a whole new bunch of friends.

5. ... and what's the worst?
Insulting my mother as a small child in front of a group of other children I thought were my friends in order to impress them.

I Hope It's Not True

A body believed to be the remains of missing Florida girl Carlie Brucia was found early Friday behind a church off Interstate 75, law enforcement sources in Sarasota told CNN.

February 05, 2004

Suspect Apprehended

The man who authorities believe kidnapped Carlie Brucia was apprehended, thank to a tip from his housemate.

Housemate tips police to Smith after seeing video

Sadly, Carlie is still missing. If you have any information about where she might be please link here to get the contact information.


Today was Thursday, Thursday, Thursday.
It was not a fun day, a fun day.
At all.

I am sooooo happy to be home finally after one of the more painful days of work I've had to endure. Not that I'm not happy to have a job, not that I'm not happy to do what I did today.

I went through 3000 brochures that we had printed for a client, that came back with covers that spanned the color spectrum. Meaning that many of the covers did not match. The printer we used for the job sent us 3000 brochures with at least 14 different color variations of the cover. My job today was to match what I could, box them up and tomorrow I'll ship them to the client. We arranged a credit from the printer that of course we will pass on to the client.

It seems I had a bit of an allergic reaction to handling this many freshly printed brochures. My hands are red and peeling just the slightest bit and my skin is breaking out into scales of some kind around my eyes and nose. My eyes, I might add, are also a little puffy.

I discovered the printer's mistake, comparing the brochures to our match print and I am glad we were able to arrange some compensation for the job and again I was glad to do this job as the client will hopefully not notice the differences in the covers because of how they are boxed.

But it was just a long and busy day.

I just took a bath and scrubbed myself with sea salt from head to toe but somehow I still can feel and smell the ink.

Ice and Snow

As much as the rain and milder temperatures helped, there was no complete clearing of some of the tougher piles of snow. The temperature dipped last night icing over anything that melted but didn't reach the sewers. It's an icy city once again.

Johnny Depp to Play Willy Wonka????

Cockeyed Absurdist posted that American culture has finally shit the bed. I'm guessing he writes this because Johnny Depp is probably going to play Willy Wonka in a remake of the 19971 classic Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Directed by Tim Burton, he at least has the decency to call the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Here the director shows respect for the book of the same name. I have a very clear memory of my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Pressner, reading the book to us aloud.

But I have to agree with Cockeyed Absurdist. While he doesn't explain the reason for his remark I can only imagine it's because Johnny Depp is no subsitute for Gene Wilder from the original movie. And probably because this nice experience from our childhoods is going to be reshot, rewritten and rereleased against the collective memory of Gen X'ers everywhere.

Here is the link. Note that at the time of the article, Johnny Depp is only considering the role and has not agreed to do it.

February 04, 2004

Snow Go Bye Bye

Earlier I wrote that the rain made a lot of the yucky snow melt away. In combination with today's much warmer weather, more melted away. Walking through Madison Square Park, I noticed that the grass was showing on the park's own little Great Lawn and wouldn't you know it, the grass is still green.

Other Searches

Inspired by Amanda, I am going to continue listing the searches that bring people to my site.

Janet Jackson breast and variations thereof (sorry, no images of the breast here)
Kim Richards (linking to my old website)
Maria Shriver wedding ring


I first heard about the Labradoodle from Of Moops and Men. I thought this strange that someone would breed a Labrador with a Standard Poodle. According this little news blurb, "experts" are still deciding whether or not this is a good idea.

Looks pretty cute to me.

The Most Searched Event On the Internet

According to this article, the Janet Jackson half-time strip tease is the most searched event on the internet.

Weird Searches

This is one of the latest searches to lead someone here.

Sling Blade Answering machine messages

Rain Made Snow Go Away

Yesterday's rain succeeded in ridding the streets of New York of those filthy, dirty, disgusting left over piles of snow from last week's storm. While there remain a few piles here and there, most of it is gone.

This is good because I do believe the weather men have predicted more snow for this weekend coming up. Mother Nature now has a nice clean canvas to paint her broad strokes of discomfort and inconvience. I think she is working in cahoots with Puxatawny Phil.

February 03, 2004

Corspes as Art

Perusing the Drudge Report today, I found an interesting article about a museum in China that is displaying corpses. Truly weird and wonderful


In the Area of Real News

On the Today Show this morning, Matt Lauer conducted an interview via satellite with the parents of Carlie Brucia, an 11 year old girl, who was abducted on a busy thoroughfare in Sarasota, Florida. In the surveillance footage (from what source, I'm not exactly sure) you can see her being led away by a younger man to goodness only knows where. The parents pleas were sincere and sad. I'll never understand the people who kidnap children and willingly cause this kind of pain to other human beings.

Here is a link for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement with Carlie Brucia's information, including who to contact in case you have anything to contribute to the investigation.

My heart goes out to the family of Carlie and to those of all the missing children.

Good News Bad News

Good News
The snow that is moving into our general area will most likely turn to rain by the time it hits New York City because of our mild temperatures.

Bad News
I was disappointed to read on CNN's site that Janet Jackson had indeed planned a costume reveal at the end of her half-time show, one that the producers of the show were not aware of.

February 02, 2004


I found something absolutely wonderful and weird at A Violently Executed Blog.


"Tit"illating Accident

I thought it important that I weigh in on the boob sighting during last night's halftime show. If you take a look at the photo, both Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake look shocked, dismayed and completely embarrased at what happened. Both have apologized profusely for the accidentally baring of Miss Jackson's bejewelled breast.

What I don't get, is how I missed this. I watched the half-time show, anxiously awaiting the surprise guest, not at all impressed that it was Justin Timberlake. I was watching with a room full of people for the party I went to yesterday was a Super Bowl party. We all missed it. I'm sure a lot of people missed it. CBS cut away so fast, how could anyone really have seen it? Well. The people I work with saw it and apparently so did all the press sydicates.

I found Kid Rock's use of the American Flag as a poncho rather offensive but I haven't yet read a story about his flag-turned-serape get-up. And where exactly did he "respectfully" throw the American Flag when he was done? I'm not exactly sure but he did throw it. It's so not shocking that I couldn't even find an image or story to link to for this posting.

What's amazing to me is the uproar this is causing. The FCC is going to thoroughly investigate whether or not this was an accident. (This money will no doubt come from the same money tree from which they picked the funds to investigate Blackout 2003.) Do they even know Janet Jackson? Does this even seem remotely like some stunt she would agree to? I don't think so. She's a nice woman. Yes. She is very sexy. But she always comes off as a very modest person. The most I've ever seen her expose of anything is her belly button with everything else covered up nicely. Maybe once, I saw her collar bone. I mean, look at the outfit she was wearing, in a not so cold Texas. She was really covered up.

I am a cynical person and not even I believe that this was a planned accident. Apparently, I am alone in this stance.

And to call it "Janet Jackson's X-rated half-time show performance",as I just heard it called on a teaser for the ten'o'clock news, is overstating it quite a bit. After all, her breast was not even completely bare.


Bush announces outside probe of Iraq intelligence.


As promised, I went to that party yesterday, defying all laws of Lazy Sunday. Actually, it was a nice, busy day all together. I attempted to go clothes shopping to take advantage of the tax free week our Mayor gives us from time to time to help out the city's economy. Sadly, when I found clothes I liked, they were either too expensive or I couldn't find them in my size. Clothes that I did find in my sizes were so ridiculously overpriced that even 50% off and tax free was not enough of an incentive.

Some stores, I knew better than going into, the ones clearly designed for teeny boppers, size 4 or less. But the GAP? Come on. I should have been able to find something at the GAP. While I am not an obese person, I am also not a thin person. The GAP has these adorable polka dotted blouses in different colors that I really wanted but sadly, even the XL wasn't cut properly for me. It was more like a medium. I think the GAP has been using anorectics to size their clothing.

Not to be discouraged, I met up with my boyfriend for some quiet time before "the party". We read aloud to each other which is a wonderful thing to do with someone else. I'd read about it on someone else's blog and it sounded so nice I wanted to give it a try. We read to each other from Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser, a truly wonderful book.

Later in the afternoon, we made our way to the party and there were many interesting people there. I ended up talking to more people than I have ever spoken with at a party. Usually, in the past, I've been pretty shy about talking to people I barely know. For some reason, yesterday, it was okay. I guess because I knew and liked the host. I knew several people who were there and as the party went on, I realized that this is my circle of friends and of course I would be having a good time.

Shyness is not a chronic condition with me but one that chooses the oddest times to visit. Last night, shyness stayed away and allowed me to have a good time.

With Friday night to myself, a movie with friends on Saturday and the party on Sunday, all in all I'd say I had a wonderful weekend.

The Day of the Groundhog

Less than an hour ago, that stinking little rodent, Puxatawny Phil emerged from his hole and saw his shadow meaning six more weeks of winter.

February 01, 2004

The Big Fish

Last night, I met up with my posse (okay . . . my two friends) near Rockefeller Centre. We went down town to 34th and 8th where there's a new Lowes theater that charges only $9.00 movie. We saw Big Fish. I don't really have anything to say about the movie right now, beyond that I enjoyed it.

What I did not enjoy was how wickedly cold it was when we got out of the movie theater, 3 hours later (including waiting for the movie to start and half an hour of advertisements and previews). Before going out, I bundled up so well that I was sweating on my way onto the Rock (Manhattan). I was sweating in the subway, sweating in the lobby of the theater, etcetera, you get the idea. By the time we got out, I felt perfectly fine, even a little bit chilly under my layers.

Once the wind started whipping up, all resemblance to warm weather was gone.