February 12, 2004

More Obvious Stuff

In this article, entitled Breast for Success, from the msn.com website, Dahlia Lithwick talks about the reason for the women's team's success on the NBC show The Apprentice (which I will be staying home to watch tonight by the way).

Yes. She is correct that some of the women were hustling their sex appeal to win some of the contests but not all of them are. I can tell you in one episode while a few members of the women's team were shaking their asses to get a vendor to lower the price of gold, in the same episode, there was one woman who actually negotiated down the price of a golf club and all she did was talk. I was quite impressed with her and I continue to be. I hope she stays on the show for a while.

And besides, the women actually have been using strategies that extend past their cleavage. To say they have been relying purely on their sex appeal is unfair. This team works well together, they plan well and then do a good job of executing those plans.

Pointing out that sex sells is pretty redundant which is what this article does for the umpteenth time. Yes. Sex sells and advertiser's and TV producer's use the sex appeal of women to sell lots of stuff 'n' junk. That's why the producers of The Apprentice put pretty women on the show. That's why the show Joe Average features a beautiful woman picking from shlubby guys and not a beautiful man picking from frumpy women. That's why people tuned in to watch that very weird and almost unwatchable Paris Hilton reality show. That's one of the reasons why people tune in to watch the Soprano's (Bada Bing). That's why 3/4 of the women in this country have self-image problems.

Saying that people exploit sexy women to sell their wares is no longer the revelation it once was. It's an accepted reality that most of us have to come to accept and by most of us I mean the general public. The people who have the hardest time accepting this are the ones that write about American culture.

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