February 23, 2004

No More Sex - PART I

There will be no more new Sex. Sex in the City is over, done, finished and yes the final episode moved me to tears. I've ranted against the show before and I believe for good reason. and that's pretty much because it is so far removed from my reality and most people's I know.

Here are some of the problems I've had with the show which we will be followed what I like about it.

1) The woman on the show never wear the same outfit twice. Even the richest woman in the world, I'm sure has a favorite thing that she likes to wear over and over again. Miranda is a lawyer for goodness sake. She would have several nice suits in her wardrobe that she wore again and again. She wouldn't wear a different one every day.

2) Carrie could not possibly afford that apartment and all of those pairs of shoes on her freelance writing salary.

3) Men only existed in that show,for the most part, to show us how frustrating life is for single women. Okay. That one might be true.

4) Carrie's article, if she is indeed soliloquizing from her weekly article while narrating the show is the most boring thing for a newspaper column. Does anybody in the show's reality really care about Carrie Bradshaw's life? I would find that weekly read terribly depressing. Also, do writer's have weekly articles in NEW YORK CITY papers of note?

5) The show has more puns than the New York Post on a good day.

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