February 02, 2004


As promised, I went to that party yesterday, defying all laws of Lazy Sunday. Actually, it was a nice, busy day all together. I attempted to go clothes shopping to take advantage of the tax free week our Mayor gives us from time to time to help out the city's economy. Sadly, when I found clothes I liked, they were either too expensive or I couldn't find them in my size. Clothes that I did find in my sizes were so ridiculously overpriced that even 50% off and tax free was not enough of an incentive.

Some stores, I knew better than going into, the ones clearly designed for teeny boppers, size 4 or less. But the GAP? Come on. I should have been able to find something at the GAP. While I am not an obese person, I am also not a thin person. The GAP has these adorable polka dotted blouses in different colors that I really wanted but sadly, even the XL wasn't cut properly for me. It was more like a medium. I think the GAP has been using anorectics to size their clothing.

Not to be discouraged, I met up with my boyfriend for some quiet time before "the party". We read aloud to each other which is a wonderful thing to do with someone else. I'd read about it on someone else's blog and it sounded so nice I wanted to give it a try. We read to each other from Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser, a truly wonderful book.

Later in the afternoon, we made our way to the party and there were many interesting people there. I ended up talking to more people than I have ever spoken with at a party. Usually, in the past, I've been pretty shy about talking to people I barely know. For some reason, yesterday, it was okay. I guess because I knew and liked the host. I knew several people who were there and as the party went on, I realized that this is my circle of friends and of course I would be having a good time.

Shyness is not a chronic condition with me but one that chooses the oddest times to visit. Last night, shyness stayed away and allowed me to have a good time.

With Friday night to myself, a movie with friends on Saturday and the party on Sunday, all in all I'd say I had a wonderful weekend.

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