February 11, 2004

Pulling it Together

I'm writing this with this with the hopes of pulling it together for work. I'm gathering my strength, collecting my thoughts, forcing the issue.

I went to Trivia last night for the first time in weeks. A break in the weather allowed me to end my winter hibernation early. I didn't get in too late. 11pm to be precise, but if you figure in time for unwinding, catching up on some phone calls and checking the blogs, I didn't get to sleep until after midnight.

Then I had a strange dream. One where I figured out a way to travel back into time. But I didn't go as far back as one would think. I went back to 1986 and hung out with people I know now but didn't know me back then. I think it was just an excuse to see my grandmother again because she popped into the dream at the end. We walked, talked and flew because I convinced my grandmother this was an alternative realty and we wouldn't get hurt if we jumped over the ledge to floors below. As in many of my dreams, I was in a large structure with many floors, doors and no exits.

Calling Dr. Freud. Calling Dr. Freud.

It was nice to visit with my grandmother again. She passed away over a decade ago. I really miss my grandparents sometimes.

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