February 25, 2004

The Littlest Groom - Conclusion?

Did I tell you about the conclusion of the The Littlest Groom?

The show ended in the same whirlwind that started it. Glen, our little contestant in the end chose between and average size woman and a little woman. I was a little disappointed. Not at his decision to go with the cute and outgoing Mika, a little actress from LA I believe. (If only I could write this blog, go to work, have a social life and sleep at the same time, this diatribe would be longer right now.) I was disappointed that the show wasn't longer. I was also a little disappointed that the producers of the show didn't think that a show without the addition of average sized women wouldn't have done well. And that they believed the show couldn't sustain substantial viewership for more than 2 weeks.

I'm not sure how the Little People community felt about the show, but at some point I plan to look around the web to see if anyone from the LPA or the community in general had any comments and then I will post them here.

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