February 09, 2004

The Bus Ride To Atlantic City

So. I gave you the general version of our great trip to Atlantic City. Here is one of the more fun of the details.

We arrived at Port Authority just in time for an Academy Bus. Our timing was pretty good because we made a bus that was leaving in five minutes. We found a seat together all the way in the back, yes by the bathroom, but I wasn't too worried figuring most people are like me and would only use a bus bathroom in a dire emergency. We were enjoying a quiet but bumpy trip there in the back and the privacy was pretty nice. Along the way we stopped at a rest stop a one person got on.

There were a few empty seats on the rest of the bus so when that one person got on I told Jon not to make a contact and not to move his stuff. And wouldn't you know it. This big pant load of a guy asked Jon to move his stuff so he could sit. Actually he said "Could you move your stuff? I need to sit there." He NEEDED to sit there as if it were some kind of weird gambling ritual. This portly man, squeezed into the small seat next to Jon with his knees in the way of the bathroom door and remained there, motionless staring foward for the remaining half hour of the trip.

I couldn't figure out whey he needed to sit there but in the end we did get some good advice from him. He told us to go to the SANDS because they gave a bigger redemption than the other Casinos. So that's what we need and we each got $20 back.

I was just so annoyed that he had to squeeze in there when there was a comfortable and roomy seat next to the woman who was sitting in front of us. Most annoying was that he held that woman's seat with his left hand for the whole trip meaning that his left arm was kind of in Jon's face. Of course, we are both so nice we didn't say anything. We just worked on the Sunday Times crossword, played tic tac toe, played hangman and wrote nasty notes to each other about the guy sitting next to us.

Ultimately, we had a nice day. But I wanted to remember every detail about the bus ride in so I could write about it here. And now I've done that.

Now, I am going to work on a Powerpoint presentation for work tomorrow. Actually, I'm just using Powerpoint for this presentation because ultimately, it's going to be printed and bound but it is a good design program for organizing such thoughts.

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