February 28, 2004

Friends and Neighbors

Amanda recently wrote about her ex-con neighbor receiving a large shipment of blue barrells recently where she speculates as to what her neighbor is up to.

It reminds of my friend R who used to live in my building but has since moved to Virginia with her husband and child. We used to sit at her living room window and watch people on the street. One time, we saw our neighbor J who has this 200 year old Lhasa Apso who never seems to perish, walking with an old man we see very often in the neighborhood. R speculated that this woman in her 40's was having an affair with this older man. I almost believed her, because I've also seen him walking late at night with a woman who more closely matches his own age, his wife.

One night, long after R moved, I saw him and this women walking the younger woman's dog. So I said Hi. I see you're walking Mason. They said, "Yes, we do that when our daughter is out of town." They are J's parents. So R's theory that something lacivious was going one was wrong.

Also, we had three neighbors who lived together in the aparment next to mine. R speculated that these 2 men and 1 woman were living together in some sort of bizarre sexual arrangment. Two of the people in this arrangement were brother and sister, something else R didn't know when she came up with this theory. I didn't learn this until the brother moved out a few months ago. Again, R was wrong.

I have to admit. Looking at people through R's eyes is one of the things I miss most about having her live upstairs from me.

I miss my friend and her nice family very much. I should get down to Virginia soon. I'm sure they'd be glad to see me.

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