February 02, 2004

"Tit"illating Accident

I thought it important that I weigh in on the boob sighting during last night's halftime show. If you take a look at the photo, both Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake look shocked, dismayed and completely embarrased at what happened. Both have apologized profusely for the accidentally baring of Miss Jackson's bejewelled breast.

What I don't get, is how I missed this. I watched the half-time show, anxiously awaiting the surprise guest, not at all impressed that it was Justin Timberlake. I was watching with a room full of people for the party I went to yesterday was a Super Bowl party. We all missed it. I'm sure a lot of people missed it. CBS cut away so fast, how could anyone really have seen it? Well. The people I work with saw it and apparently so did all the press sydicates.

I found Kid Rock's use of the American Flag as a poncho rather offensive but I haven't yet read a story about his flag-turned-serape get-up. And where exactly did he "respectfully" throw the American Flag when he was done? I'm not exactly sure but he did throw it. It's so not shocking that I couldn't even find an image or story to link to for this posting.

What's amazing to me is the uproar this is causing. The FCC is going to thoroughly investigate whether or not this was an accident. (This money will no doubt come from the same money tree from which they picked the funds to investigate Blackout 2003.) Do they even know Janet Jackson? Does this even seem remotely like some stunt she would agree to? I don't think so. She's a nice woman. Yes. She is very sexy. But she always comes off as a very modest person. The most I've ever seen her expose of anything is her belly button with everything else covered up nicely. Maybe once, I saw her collar bone. I mean, look at the outfit she was wearing, in a not so cold Texas. She was really covered up.

I am a cynical person and not even I believe that this was a planned accident. Apparently, I am alone in this stance.

And to call it "Janet Jackson's X-rated half-time show performance",as I just heard it called on a teaser for the ten'o'clock news, is overstating it quite a bit. After all, her breast was not even completely bare.

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