February 13, 2004

My Nine Year Old Self

Dawn has a great entry today about an event she attended yesterday.

The event was a panel discussion on love sponsored by The Week and featured as one of the speakers, Farrah Fawcett. Dawn writes that this was a special gift for her year old self who desired to look like Farrah Fawcett when she grew up. I was also invited to this event by publicist Matthew Caldecutt, but unfortunately, due to my work schedule I was unable to attend.

Reading Dawn's entry I was reminded of what my nine year old self wanted to be when I grew up. 50% of me wanted to be Jamie Sommers from the Bionic Woman. Like Dawn, who owned a Farrah Fawcett doll as a little girl, I owned a BIONIC WOMAN DOLL. The doll was great. It was a great likeness to Lindsay Wagner and had removable panels on her arm and legs. Removing the panels revealed decals of bionic circuitry. I always wanted to have special powers when I was a little girl. Dawn grew up to be a beautiful woman just as she desired. Sadly, I was not able to grow electronic circuitry to improve the strength of my thighs and forearm. Nor was I able to develop super duper hearing. Also, when I run, there is no music playing in the background and if you look at me when I'm running, it appears that I am running in real time and not in slow motion.

The other person my nine year old self wanted to be when she grew up was Nadia Comanici. I was obsessed with her the year she won the olympics and most of my playing was centered around walking back and forth on a picnic bench at my friends house. In my mind, I was performing a balance bar routine. For your amusement, I scanned the photo my mother took during one of these play sessions.

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