February 24, 2004

Trivia recap

After a beer and some dinner I felt much revived after a hard day work. Trivia went well. There was a great turnout, at least 55 people by my hopefully not obvious headcount. There were thirteen teams and an exciting and rare tie breaker for first and second place. The winning team was The Cash-in of the Christ. The funniest team name was Six of Years Sex, Christ Coming on Wednesday.

NB: A big thanks to Jon for assisting me with my rounds.

I started with the general knowledge round which I centered around New York City Trivia. Here are the questions and the answers.

1. On Sunday, the subway map for the B, D, M, N, Q, R and W trains was completely redone thanks to the long awaited completion of construction work on the Manhattan Bridge. In what year did the work on the Manhattan Bridge begin?

2. Which was the first of the outer boroughs to join Manhattan as part of New York City?

3. You have to be at least 18 years old, between 5'6" and 5'10 1/2" in height, and proficient in tap and jazz, in order to join what organization founded in 1925?

4. "Angel of the Waters," a statue by Emma Stebbins, has the distinction of being the first major artwork by a woman that was commissioned by New York City. It is also the only sculpture in Central Park that was part of the park's original plan. Where in the park will you find it?

5. There are four bridges connecting The Bronx and Queens. Three of them are the Triborough, the Whitestone and the Throgs Neck. What is the fourth?
Rikers Island Bridge

6. What 2001 movie was set at the intersection of Mulberry, Anthony, Cross, Orange and Little Water streets?

7. Who has won the New York City Women's Marathon nine times -- a record?

8. Who, in 1524, was the first European explorer to sail into New York Harbor?

9. It was first built in 1879 at East 26th Street. Since then, this major indoor entertainment complex has been torn down and rebuilt several times. The fourth and current version was opened in 1968 with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby as hosts. What is it?

10. He called New York City "the great place, the heart, the brain, the focus, the NO MORE BEYOND of the Western World," he wrote poems such as "A Broadway Pageant" and "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry," and he worked as editor of the Brooklyn Eagle from 1846-47. Who was this great New Yorker?

Caren then did a great job with the current events questions including the name of President Bush's recently deceased dog and the equivalent in Male literature for Chick Lit (that produced at least one funny answer repeatedly but the correct answer was "Lad" lit). I really enjoyed Caren's top ten list which was the top 11 - 20 boy's names from the 70's. For my audio round, I went with title tracks and their artists and for my visual round I asked the teams to identify pictures of famous funny femmes ranging from Gracie Allen to Wanda Sykes. Generally it went pretty well. One friend of mine suggested that perhaps I should have started with an easier song in the audio round but other than that people were pretty complimentary. I'll be co-hosting again in March and April so if you couldn't make it tonight for my rounds hopefully you'll make it then.

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