April 27, 2012

A Book

Being a stay-at-home mom is very hard work. I find myself getting lost in the details of the day. Yesterday, on my fourth walk outside with Max snuggled in his stroller, I found myself walking into the library and drifting over to the NEW ARRIVALS section, where I picked up a copy of a Jennifer Wiener book. Thrilled to finally have the space in my brain to actually read a book, I got into bed at 8 p.m. last night and started reading. Unfortunately, I was too tired to read more than 15 pages and went to sleep shortly after I began. Maybe I'll read another 10 pages today.

April 07, 2012

Catching up

The last time I entered a post on my blog, we were experiencing one of the worst winters on record. More than a year later, we are experiencing one of the mildest winters on record. It's amazing how much can change in a year.

Since my last post, we met our son Max. Max is now 13 months old and is starting to really develop as a little person. And boy does he have a lot of personality.

If you were to ask me what I think about being a parent, I would tell you that it's really hard work but incredibly worth it.  When Max gives a little hug; when he pulls my hair; when he looks at me that way before he bursts into tears; when he smiles sheepishly because he's about to do something he's not supposed to; when he's sitting in my arms perfectly content; these are the moments that I would use to try to sell parenthood to my friends without children.

We waited a long time for Max and now that he's here, I can't picture our lives without him.