July 31, 2009

Wii Are Consumers

Jon bought us a Wii. We set it up last night at midnight and played with it for an hour. It might be the coolest thing we've ever owned.

After we set it up, Jon suprised me by showing me the Wii Fitness he bought us. We'll set that up today.

With this purchase, I really feel like we are true consumers.

July 17, 2009

Ripening Tomatoes

The first of my tomatoes is ready. I think it'll be a little tomato salad for lunch today.

Ripening Tomatoes

July 14, 2009

True Blood - Season 2

I'm completely hooked on HBO's True Blood. The show follows a mind reading 25 year old (played by Anna Paquin) who lives in a world where vampires are becoming accepted into American life. Vampires have come out of the closet and are trying to find their place in our world. The show is written by Alan Ball and based on a series of books that I haven't read.

Alan Ball really knows how to build, sustain and end stories. He's a good writer. I'm enjoying the show immensely.

I refrain from reviewing the show because people are still watching Season 1 on DVD. And here I am in Season 2 with all this knowlege that can spoil their own trip of discovery.

But if you would like to discuss the show, send an email to genxmisanthrope-at-aol-dot-com.

July 12, 2009

Off the Radar

Taking down my archives has had the effect of reducing the number of hits I get through search engines. Now that my archives are back up, I expected the that number to go back up to 100 hits a day but it still hasn't.

So. If you want to reduce the number of hits you get for something stupid you write four years ago, disable your archives for a a few weeks or so.

Back on the Diet

Well. It's starting to happen. The weight I lost is finding it's way back to my torso and hips. As of Tuesday of this week, I'm back on my controlled calorie diet. I still look okay but the weight gain is noticeable, to me anyway. I don't think anyone is really paying that close attention the comings and goings of my 10 errant pounds. But I see it.

Regarding my appearance, this past week is also significant because I finally gathered all of my size 18 and size 20 clothing into one large, clear recycling bag. The pile is significant. It's hard to get rid of this clothing. I was a certain size for so long. Even though I've been a smaller size for several months now, it's still hard for me to see myself as other than the bigger person I was. Therefore getting rid of the clothes that identify me as that person if very difficult.

I'm doing it in small steps. The next step is to find a comfortable way to discard my old clothing.

I recently took down all the listings for my sock monsters at my Etsy shop. Temporarily, I might try selling this old clothing through this venue. Some of it is quite nice. When and if that doesn't work, I'll start giving it a way. I'm just not quite ready yet, to throw this clothing into one of those Charity dumpsters.

If I know you and you're a size 18 or 20, and you're interested in looking at the clothes, please contact me. I'd rather give away the clothing to someone I know, than to strangers.

July 11, 2009


I am working two shows today which is another beautiful day. That means, I will not be able to work in the garden.

I did manage to water the flowers and the grass. I only misted the vegetables because I don't want them to get soaked. Too much water is bad. Humidity is good which is what I was counting on in July for nice big tomato plants but we haven't had too much humid weather. Not that I'm complaining.

This weekend, I'm working at Hair. That show that won the Tony for best revival. I think West Side Story was the better revival.

July 10, 2009


So. Jon and I have been living in this much better apartment for several months now. We are very happy with the apartment.

Everything is working out great. For a long time, the building across the street had a noisy garage door that squeeked every time it opened and closed but they fixed it and now it's like there is no garage door. It makes no more noise.

But just this week, a new problem has arisen. There is a neighbor in that same building, who has decided to start playing the bongos.

It's very annoying. Now. The building across the street is a co-op. I can't believe the co-op board approved a friggin' bongo player. I wonder if I can use that to my advantage. There is no way, people in that building will put up with a bongo player much longer.

And who the hell plays the bongos anyway?!?! It's the 21st freakin' century. He should be playing virtual bongos that no one can hear.

Beautiful Weather

Yesterday was a beautiful day. I spent the latter part of the afternoon, working in the garden. What a great way to spend time outdoors.

Here are some pictures I took a few days ago.

My tomato plants are doing okay but I'm getting impatient. They take forever to produce fruit and then it takes more time for that fruit to ripen.
Baby Tomato

My jalapeno pepper plants on the other hand are thriving. They have blossomed and now are producing many fruits. It shouldn't be too much longer before I'm adding fresh jalapeno peppers to my dishes.
Jalapeno Pepper Buds

I've also planted sweet basil. I'm not sure how it's doing. It is growing but some of the leaves are turning shades of yellow.

The other pepper plants I put in are the Cubanelle variety. I bought those at the farmer's market in Union Square. They weren't as mature as the jalapeno plants that I bought, so they will take a little longer to produce fruit. But so far they seem to be doing okay.Cubanella Peppers

Gardening is fun. I just got a couple of flower catalogs which are really exciting me right now. Flowers. I actually get to grow my own flowers. Life is good.

July 08, 2009

Garden Life



Last night, I had a dream that I was diagnosed with a fatal disease and given a week to live. My imagination picked Chronic Pulmonary Disorder, aka Emphysema. In the dream, I asked the doctor how he came up with that diagnosis and he clammed up - claiming that I was getting confrontational. The dream ended when I realized that this guy wasn't really my doctor and that I had to set up an appoinment with my own.

Weird, huh?

July 07, 2009

The Wedding of the Decade

Jon and I went to a beautiful wedding on July 2. It was held at the Capitale - formerly a bank located on Grand and Bowery. It's the most remarkable site - the type of place that makes you wish your job title were Location Scout. The interior was grand to the max. The main room was full of columns; the ceiling is made of stained glass; the vault is still in tact and used by the waiters as a changing room. It's beautiful.

Anyway, here are some pictures.
The first person to come up and introduce herself to me was this woman, wearing the same dress. I probably shouldn't really point that out. It was embarrassing but at the same time, it's funny. Right? I guess that's what happens when dresses are bought in department stores.
Same Dress

The ceremony was incredible. The bridesmaids looked stunning. And the maids of honor looked stunninger. The bride had her sisters and brother standing with her under the chupah which I thought was really beautiful. There were actually quite a few people standing up there. Two rabbis, four parents, three siblings - it was crowded under there. But that should tell you how loved the bride and groom are. The Rabbi that married them also married the bride's parents. (I know the below picture is small but if you click on it, you can see the larger version on Flickr.)
Wedding Ceremony sepia

I know you're all wondering what the dress looked like. It was hard for me to get a photo of the bride standing alone in her beautiful dress but here is my best effort. This is Jon standing with his beautiful cousin Daniela.
Wedding 10

People are also usually curious about the wedding cake. The wedding itself was so extravagent that I was surprised to see this simple cake. But then I shouldn't be. Because as extravagent as the celebration was, the new couple are pretty down to earth people.
Wedding 23

Here is a picture of me with my mother-in-law and the bride. Yes. I agree my head does look exceptionally huge in this picture. But everyone else looks beautiful.
Wedding 9

At some point, Jon and I snuck away from the party and went upstairs to explore the building. Here is a shot looking down on the festivities.
Wedding 29

And here is the bank ceiling.
Wedding 30

This is the bride dancing with her father.
Wedding 26

One of Jon's younger cousins is a gymnast. Here he is doing an incredible back flip.
Wedding 11

Here is a shot of Jon and me. You can see in our faces how happy we were to help in the celebration.
Wedding 20

And the final image with which I will leave you is this one of the portrait that was being painted of the wedding. I didn't even know this was a thing that could be done. Four photographers, one videographer and an artist rendering the live events in oil paint. They are definitely the best documented bride and groom I've ever met and I wish them the most happiness.
Wedding Portrait  Artist

July 02, 2009

Congratulations Steven and Daniela

Congratulations Steve and Daniela
Last night Jon and I were guests at the rehearsal dinner for his youngest cousin Daniela. She's a very nice woman who is getting married to the nicest young man. It was the most elaborate rehearsal dinner I've attended to date. There were a lot of great speeches, fantastic food, and the party ended with a video presentation.

The video was comprised of photos of the both of them, including a couple with Jon and me which we were very surprised and pleased to see.

Tonight we're attending their wedding. It's a black tie affair. Jon has a tux and I have a beautiful cocktail length dress that I can't wait to show off. This afternoon I'm getting my hair and makeup done.

It promises to be a beautiful affair. I can't wait to see the bride's dress.

With their permission, I'll post photos this weekend.