July 14, 2009

True Blood - Season 2

I'm completely hooked on HBO's True Blood. The show follows a mind reading 25 year old (played by Anna Paquin) who lives in a world where vampires are becoming accepted into American life. Vampires have come out of the closet and are trying to find their place in our world. The show is written by Alan Ball and based on a series of books that I haven't read.

Alan Ball really knows how to build, sustain and end stories. He's a good writer. I'm enjoying the show immensely.

I refrain from reviewing the show because people are still watching Season 1 on DVD. And here I am in Season 2 with all this knowlege that can spoil their own trip of discovery.

But if you would like to discuss the show, send an email to genxmisanthrope-at-aol-dot-com.


Danielle said...

We are LOVING True Blood! I started reading the books this summer and they're just as entertaining as the show.

Hawk said...

I've only caught bits and pieces of the show online, I don't get and can't afford HBO.

I have, however, read everything Charlaine Harris has written (except for her latest 'Dead and Gone' which I'm waiting for the library to get a copy to me).

The books are by an order of magnitude better than what I've seen of the show.