July 12, 2009

Back on the Diet

Well. It's starting to happen. The weight I lost is finding it's way back to my torso and hips. As of Tuesday of this week, I'm back on my controlled calorie diet. I still look okay but the weight gain is noticeable, to me anyway. I don't think anyone is really paying that close attention the comings and goings of my 10 errant pounds. But I see it.

Regarding my appearance, this past week is also significant because I finally gathered all of my size 18 and size 20 clothing into one large, clear recycling bag. The pile is significant. It's hard to get rid of this clothing. I was a certain size for so long. Even though I've been a smaller size for several months now, it's still hard for me to see myself as other than the bigger person I was. Therefore getting rid of the clothes that identify me as that person if very difficult.

I'm doing it in small steps. The next step is to find a comfortable way to discard my old clothing.

I recently took down all the listings for my sock monsters at my Etsy shop. Temporarily, I might try selling this old clothing through this venue. Some of it is quite nice. When and if that doesn't work, I'll start giving it a way. I'm just not quite ready yet, to throw this clothing into one of those Charity dumpsters.

If I know you and you're a size 18 or 20, and you're interested in looking at the clothes, please contact me. I'd rather give away the clothing to someone I know, than to strangers.


S said...

The moms in the shelter that I work in through CMOM are mainly sizes 18 and 20. If you'd be interested in donating your clothes to the shelter, it would mean so much -- these women don't have proper 'job interview' type clothing and any donations are always greatly accepted.

V said...

That's a good idea.