March 29, 2009

Moving Day Monday

Monday is moving day and I'm a nervous wreck.

I'm not sure why really.

All that is getting moved tomorrow is the furniture. Everything else is already at the new place.

My parents came by today and helped us move every little thing that isn't furniture.

It's all set. We have plenty of help. We hired someone to move our couch. The U-haul is rented.

The new place is an absolute disaster. I started setting up the kitchen tonight but started to get overwhelmed. Hopefully, I'll have mostly everything put away and organized by the end of the week.

Social Saturday

Jon and I took a break from our monotonous moving schedule and spent the day with family and friends.

In the morning, we went to a Bar-Mitzvah at an Orthodox temple, where the women sat two stories above the men. That was the first time I attended a service like this. Much to my annoyance there was no ladies room up there on the third floor where the ladies were sitting. Our synogogue was conservative when I was growing up. Everyone prayed together and the bathrooms were on the same level.

The Bar-Mitzvah boy read his portion well and gave a lovely speech. The affair afterwards was at the Regency hotel on Park Avenue. The food was scrumptious but the affair was chaotic and crowded with people talking everywhere and children running around. It was possibly the most hectic Bar-Mitzvah I've been to. But it was great fun. We saw a lot our family which is very important.

Then in the afternoon we celebrated with our good friend on the occasion of her birthday. This party was at another hotel - the Algonquin - on 44th St between 5th & 6th avenues. I had two fabulous martinis and participated in several amazing conversations. It felt like a real good old-fashioned New York literary party. I remember attending one of those in the early 90's. What I mean by this is that most of the guests were writers and the discussions were superbly intelligent and challenging and friendly and all those other good things that make getting to know people interesting.

I was pretty wiped out when we got home last night. And it was absolutely fabulous not to think about moving once the whole day.

My parents are coming today. They have a car and I'm hoping that in three trips we'll be able to move our remaining boxes and our clothing. Maybe even our computers.

Tomorrow, ideally, Jon and his friends will only be moving our furniture.

March 28, 2009

Progress Apartment

Just about everything we own is packed into boxes. And a lot of what we own has already been moved over to the new place.

Before Jon and I rode our bikes over there yesterday, I thought we were walking half a mile, maybe 3/4 of a mile with our shopping carts to get there. But according to the reading on Jon's mile-o-meter, it is a fraction more than a mile.

Which explains why these little walks have been wearing me out. I thought I was walking 1 mile total round trip. Turns out every back and forth excursion is over two miles. That is why I decided yesterday, after my third trip, to just pack up what we had left and leave the moving for Sunday and Monday.

Today, Jon and I won't get much moving done. We received a rare invitation to a family event which we didn't want to turn down.

But tomorrow, my parents are coming - with a car. We plan to move the rest of our boxes and hopefully most to all of our clothing.

Imagine that. A car. We really should get one of those.

Monday we have an actual moving truck. We don't think moving our furniture will take that long.

You might think it's crazy that we've been making these trips all week. But I've moved enough in my life to know that any steps you can take to minimize your stress on "moving day" should be taken by the people who wish to have a quick move.

I have a headache.

A Suprising Number of Hits

I haven't been paying much attention to this blog, as you know. I hardly ever check the stats anymore. But last night, out of boredom, I decided to check how many readers have been coming here lately.

Yesterday, I had nearly 1,000 hits - all interested in a post from 2005 about Willie Aames. In June or July of 2005 I wrote about hearing his name mentioned in conjuction with Celebrity Fit Club and I posted a picture of him dressed like Tarzan.

He's in the news lately because he's fallen on hard times.

I'm sure whoever is finding me in their Google searches is greatly disappointed by the 5 or 6 lines I wrote that day.

Anyway, I thought you'd like to know that.

March 23, 2009


Good Monday to you all!!

I write this post as two little children run around upstairs creating the noises equivalent to that of two baby elephants.

I spoke with our new landlord. She is really, really nice. I had to ask her to move out a couple of items from the apartment.

Jon went back and forth all day yesterday bringing our stuff over but I haven't gotten up the motivation yet. But I did do our laundry which was really piling up.

My goal today is to clean the floors and measure the windows. I also have to figure out how we're going to get all our stuff into our smaller but much, much quieter apartment.

March 21, 2009

Saturday in the City

It's a long Saturday. That means I'm working two shifts at Blithe Spirit. HooorrraayyyY!!! But it's still a long, long day.

Our day got off to an early start when we went to pick up the lease for our new place. Jon and I tried out the new keys, took a look around and then swiftly walked back to our current apartment so we could go to work.

It's hard to believe that we are moving again, only 10 months after our last move. We really hope it will be for the best. We worked really hard to find this place.

We looked at a lot of apartments that we found on Craig's List. At first, we looked at as many apartments as we could listed under NO BROKER's FEE. We found decent apartments but none of them were quite right. If Jon and I were two friends looking for an apartment to share than any of the places we found under NO BROKER would have been find. But they weren't good enough for grown up married people of advancing years.

Once we decided to go with a broker, a whole new world opened up to us. We started seeing better quality apartments. We found a great broker and we decided on the one we'll be moving into slowly, starting tomorrow.

I took care of the utilities - we are keeping the same phone number. I still have to fill out my change of address info for the post office. We hired someone to move our incredibly large and impossible couch. And we have several friends helping us with the big move a week from Monday.

I wish I could fast forward to the part where we've been living there comfortably for a few months already. But that is the light at the end of the tunnel, isn't it. It's getting through the tunnel that's tough. Right?

March 18, 2009

Blithe Spirit

Work is picking up for me. This week I'm working 8 shifts at the Shubert Theater and I'm delighted that Blithe Spirit is playing - a positively delightful Noel Coward play. It stars Christine Ebersole and Angela Lansbury.

I've been looking forward to this show since I heard that Lansbury and Ebersole were going to be doing a show together.

Angela Lansbury is really great to watch on stage. She's amazing. It's hard to believe she's in her 80's. And Christine Ebersole is just delightful.

Well. Everybody in the play is great, to tell you the truth but I'm particularly fond of those two actresses.

Go see it.

March 14, 2009

The Dollhouse

I've been watching the Dollhouse - the new show by Joss Whedon. It's good. It stars Eliza Dushku who plays a blank woman who gets a new personality on every show.

It kind of follows the same model as Quantum Leap or Sliders but Joss Whedon has put his mark on the genre.

There is a lot intrigue but already the writers are going to the same old TV show plotlines that other cop/adventure shows follow. For example the last show took place at a Branch Dividian type cult compound.

As much as I like the show, I don't think it's going to live past one season.

March 12, 2009

Blogging - What's That?

It's amazing how much I've lost interest in maintaining this blog. I was so good for so long, blogging every day for years but I've lost interest in it lately. A lot of that could be because I've been a little down about not finding more work and living in this apartment. We liked the apartment at first, but grew to dislike it because of the neighbors. And regarding work, I was hoping to find a something that paid a little better when I first started looking in September, but my job search coincided with the start of the Second Great Depression.

But we are turning things around. Jon and I found a new apartment that will give us more privacy for less money. It's a little further away from the subway, grocery store and laundromat, but I'm willing to make that compromise for peace of mind and a better quality of life.

The apartment is pretty nice. It's the main floor of a three family house. Everything is new with the exception of the floors - fridge, fixtures, etc. And it's near Astoria Park which brings us a little closer to nature.

The best part is we won't have to listen to our downstairs neighbour coughing up his lung every morning or yelling at his wife. We won't have to listen to the little boys upstairs (as cute and sweet as they are) falling down and crying and running and riding their bicycles (not kidding). We won't have to smell our neighbors whacky tabacky or here his air conditioner coming on at one in the morning even in the winter time (I hate when he does that. It always wakes me up).

I'm glad to get out of here. It's a shame too. Because the apartment could have been nice had it not been for the shoddy construction that allows everyone to hear what everybody else is doing.

Maybe a new environment will be more conducive to writing.

And if you haven't checked out my sock monsters in a while, do. I've added a whole bunch. Vexillia Sock Monsters