March 28, 2009

Progress Apartment

Just about everything we own is packed into boxes. And a lot of what we own has already been moved over to the new place.

Before Jon and I rode our bikes over there yesterday, I thought we were walking half a mile, maybe 3/4 of a mile with our shopping carts to get there. But according to the reading on Jon's mile-o-meter, it is a fraction more than a mile.

Which explains why these little walks have been wearing me out. I thought I was walking 1 mile total round trip. Turns out every back and forth excursion is over two miles. That is why I decided yesterday, after my third trip, to just pack up what we had left and leave the moving for Sunday and Monday.

Today, Jon and I won't get much moving done. We received a rare invitation to a family event which we didn't want to turn down.

But tomorrow, my parents are coming - with a car. We plan to move the rest of our boxes and hopefully most to all of our clothing.

Imagine that. A car. We really should get one of those.

Monday we have an actual moving truck. We don't think moving our furniture will take that long.

You might think it's crazy that we've been making these trips all week. But I've moved enough in my life to know that any steps you can take to minimize your stress on "moving day" should be taken by the people who wish to have a quick move.

I have a headache.


Hawk said...

Cars are like kids, they're a lot of fun until they mess themselves...


Howie said...

by saying you have a headache, are you trying to tell jon something? if so, you should just come right out and say it. we're guys. we don't like or appreciate subtle hints.

Anonymous said...

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