May 31, 2004

Zoo Day & A Visit to Byzantium

Sunday, Jon and I went to the Bronx Zoo. I haven't been there in years and he's never been. We were there from noon to closing time at 5:30. We saw tigers and bears, no lions. We saw puffins and elephants and flamingos and babboons and snow leapords and lots and lots of screaming children. Every exhibit, every five minutes, a child screamed. No matter. The zoo was still fun and we rode the Skyfari, a tram that brings you from one side of the zoo to the other.

Monday, today, we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They are showing a special exhibit on Byzantium art. I saw pieces from as early as the early 13th century. I love Byzantium art. The exhibit was exquisite. It took at least three hours to walk through.

For lunch, afterwards, Jon took me to Tang Tang, an inexpensive and fabulous Chinese restaurant on the Upper East Side, 76th St and Third Avenue to be exact.

And of course on Saturday night, as promised I prepared blue fish for dinner.

My order came in from Fresh Direct in 8 huge boxes. The food is beautiful. The produce, fresh. The meat, gorgeous. The blue fish is perfect.

I made peppers stuffed with rice, string beans sauteed in onions and tomatoes and the blue fish...ah the blue fish. Did I mention blue fish is my favorite? It was fresh, fresh, fresh. I wrapped each filet in tin foil with a blended mixture of ginger, rice wine vinegar, fresh oregano, parsley, butter and slices of lemon and let it bake for about 1/2 an hour. It came out as I intended.

I love Fresh Direct. I love living in New York and I love cooking for my boyfriend.

May 28, 2004

Kerry is so Very

During Kerry's speech today in Green Bay, Wisconsin, in a "surprising" move, the Democratic Presidential candidate came out against our President by saying that he rushed off to war with Iraq.

The Reuters article failed to mention why Kerry was speaking in Green Bay.

Keep in mind that I am a Kerry fan.

I think he needs some better PR advice.

Men and Women

There has been a lot of discussion lately about the different roles men and women play in the dating game. The discussions have been taking place at the site of, what I hope soon to be, a friend of mine, The Anonymous Blogger.

Something of particular interest to me about the recent discussions has been the debate over whether or not women should be more aggressive in asking men out.

I wrote about this before so if you remember that posting, posted when I first started blogging forgive me. You can skip over this altogether. If not, I'd like you to consider the following.

Gen X'ers are in the interesting position of being raised between two worlds. We were generally raised by two kinds of baby boomers.

The first kind of baby boomer is more traditional and transferred down old fashioned values, more than likely taught them by their immigrant or first generation American parents - in terms of families that have been here for generation upon generation, the more conservative values that existed at the beginning of the 20th century. I'm sure many of us have a grandmother who was a flapper, but when it came to family, she most likely married within her religion, race and gave it up all her shenanigans for the sake of the family. I personally fall into this category, where the dad went out and worked and the mom worked to raise the family and keep the home.

Others of us were raised by the boomers who decided to rebel against established societal norms as well as societal evils. Very important. These rebels were feminists, civil rights activists, war protestors and brought a lot of attention to the fact that we need to watch our government closely. Great. But with all that, they also rebelled against traditionalism. Women were freer, they started working more outside of the home, they started attending college more. These men and women also had families but they raised them against tradition and not necessarily by it. Either they raised children as atheists, or women had kids on their own, or people started divorcing more, etc. People started changing those aspects of their worlds they didn't like and started to feel more empowered.

Where does that leave us their children? Completely confused.

We don't know whether to scratch our watches or wind our asses.

Gender roles are completely turned around and seem to have lost all meaning.

Men and women don't know which models to follow. Should we follow the traditional model which is more patriarchal, granted favoring the man, but leaving no question as to what are the gender roles.


Should we follow the more modern approach, where it doesn't matter who does the asking - where men and women are on more equal footing; where a woman doesn't need a man to create her identity.

And which type of man or woman are you or are you a modern traditionalist or a traditional modernist? And how do you find someone that matches how you?

I think a lot of what we are going through now has to do with us not understanding how gender roles are changing and being caught in the middle.

And I think that's why the Anonymous Blogger is probably so ambivalent (this has been changed from ambiguous).

What do you think?

May 27, 2004

Fresh Direct

Last night, I placed my first order with Fresh Direct. If you haven't heard of it, it's a wonderful service and it's finally arrived in Long Island City/Astoria.

You go to their website, register, pick and choose the food you want and someone delivers to your house when you instruct.

The prices were great. Some of the produce was priced better than my favorite green grocer. I'm having it delivered on Saturday between 11 and 1.

I bought blue fish which I'm going to prepare for dinner on Saturday night. I'm going to wrap it in tin foil with butter, lemon, tomato, ginger and garlic and bake it in the oven. To accompany my favorite fish, I will prepare baby green beans sauteed in onion and tomato, and peppers stuffed with a melange of rice and spice. There will of course be a salad of wonderful greeness, dressed with my own, very special vinaigrette and if I'm feeling very brave I may attempt to bake something for dessert.

I haven't cooked for my honey in a while and he's overdue for some good homecooking.

Good morning Earth shine

Scientists study earth shine to assist them in explaining global warming.

NY Times

The NY Times CIRCUIT section took notice of blogging yesterday.
(registration required for this link)

The article focuses on the somewhat obsessive nature of bloggers, siting several examples where bloggers are neglecting their work or spending upwards to 8 hours a day blogging. Often, the article says, bloggers are writing for an audience of one, themselves.

The article failed to discuss the obsessive nature of tracking your blog. I must have checked my hit count 20 times already today. I don't know why. But every time the count goes up one more hit, I feel the slightest bit of satisfaction. That's probably why I do it.

Adversely, if my hits don't increase, I feel eminently disappointed; as if somehow I am failing as a writer by not generating enough interest.

Where's the article on that? Probably in the some psychiatry journal.

May 26, 2004

Pillow Sham

Saturday afternoon, when Jon and I were at the street fair on Amsterdam Avenue, I encouraged Jon to visit the booth of a vendor selling goose down pillows for a good price. Before I encouraged him, I looked over the pillows, talked with the vendor and decided that the product was alright and that the vendor was a stand up guy. Jon bought two goose down pillows for $30.00 which I'm sure we would all agree is a pretty good deal.

On the way home from the fair, we went into a pet shop just to look around. The salesman had a parrot on his shoulder that kept saying "How are you? How are you?" He was talking to a little boy who was just thrilled that this bird was talking to him. The little boy tried to keep the parrot talking by asking him, "What's your name?" But alas, all the parrot could say was "How are you?". We wanted to see the pets they had downstairs but that part of the store was already shutdown. We'd walked in just as they were closing. But before we left, I made sure to met the big, fat, adorable lazy cat laying on the counter.

When we got back to Jon's house, we'd already walked quite a bit as I mentioned in an earlier blog. I was pretty tired so I plunked down on the bed. Jon pulled out one of his shiny new pillows and I quickly put it under my head to give it a test run.

I was watching the TV when I noticed that I still smelled like the pet shop and I even asked Jon if he noticed that I still had that pet store smell on me. He didn't so I assumed that the cat was smelly and that the smell was still on my hands. I washed my hands and returned to the soft pillow.

But then, the smell started getting stronger. I realized that the pillow stunk like a dirty pet store. Jon pulled out the other one and it smelled too.

The pillows were bad. So I suggested we wash them as a solution. So, we went to the basement, put them in the machine and left them alone for their 30 minute wash. At the end of the cycle Jon went down to put them in the dryer and came back upset. Apparently the smell hadn't gone away.

Deciding that he wanted to return them, I suggested that we dry them so he could bring them back to the crooked, sleazy vendor who sold them to us.

When I went down again to pull them from the dryer and I put that first pillow to my nose, I made a loud and disgusted noise. It was so loud this other guy in there asked me if I was alright. The pillows smelled worse than before the wash.

I brought them back up so Jon could repack them and research returning them.

Apparently, after a couple of hours of research, Jon learned that he has no recourse. There is no agency set up to hear complaints from people who have been ripped off by street vendors and the company that runs the street fairs refused to give him the name of the vendor.

Outside of going to every street fair left in New York City this summer and hunting this guy down, Jon has no recourse.

What a sham, what a scam, what a shame.


Have you heard about this guy on the Upper West Side who smashes rats as a hobby?

By day, he is Manuel Rodriguez a handy man living on W. 109th street. By night, he exchanges the tools in his tool belt for his weapon of choice, a "custom carved pine plank", in order to sneak up on unsuspecting rats and smash them much to the delight of local residents.

According to this Daily News article, Mr Rodriguez finds the rats by a trash cans and garbage bags piled high in front of his building on W. 109th Street and Amsterdam Avenue.

His neighbors consider him a hero.

Gore's Speech

Today, at a gathering designed to register voters, former Vice President and former Presidential candidate Al Gore gave a speech somewhere in New York. He came down hard on President Bush and his administration and eloquently expressed his anger about what he feels have been major flaws in the handling of American Foreign Policy since 9/11.

If you have the patience here is the speech. It's long but Al Gore makes some good points even if his speech tastes faintly of sour grapes. I've read about half of it and am still amazed that he's not our President now. I liked Al Gore for the last election and I'm sorry it was taken . . . oops. . . .I mean he lost.

Wanting to be fair, I'll try to find somebody's speech somewhere that is a little more pro-Bush and his administration and then link to it.

Perhaps you can suggest something.

3 day weekend and other random thoughts

We have a three day weekend coming up.
I want to go to the zoo on Sunday. Jon and I sent out about 20 invitations and so far we've had four rejections. Oh well. I guess it'll just be more zoo for us. I guess my planning was a little too last minute.
Fantasia Barrino is the first American Idol whose record I would actually buy. She's really talented and will most likely win. If she doesn't win, I will still buy her record.
The Anonymous Blogger has officially lost his mind. He thinks most women are crazy although he admits to there being acceptions.
I accepted an invitation to see Aaron Carter perform. Can someone tell me who he is?
Are you there God? It's me. Valerie.I wish my period would come already. I hate that feeling when you know it's about to start but then it doesn't.
I have an amazing boyfriend.

May 25, 2004


So, Blogger's been acting weird.

I wrote to a few friends about it.

The Anonymous Blogger figured out what was wrong.

In order to see your site now, you have to put in the name without the WWW.

So, I sent everyone on my friend list an email regarding my change of address and AOL blocked my account because I guess one of you guys complained about SPAM.

Don't do that again, guys. You know me. I wouldn't send you junk.


The Weekend (cont'd)

After a nice bath and some self pampering I was ready for a nice evening out with my boyfriend. We went to a party up in Washington Heights (very interesting up there). The hostess had prepared clams, salmon, scallops, and other tasty snacks including both a Caeser salad and a Nicoise style salad with fresh endives and beautiful olives.

The purpose of the gathering was to play a game, invented by the hostess which combines elements of $24,000 pyramid, charades and password. We played three games and finished up around 3 in the morning.

Sunday morning, Jon and went bike riding in Central Park. Sunday's weather was the hottest and most humid. After the fourth hill, I was done. I was brick red, dizzy and on my way to a nice case of heat stroke. I couldn't do it. It was just too hot. Jon and I returned my bike to the rental place. We went back to his place and watched his new Kill Bill DVD (awewome!!!!) and then we headed back to Central Park where Jon showed me nature trails I never new existed. We ended up on the East Side at the top of the park and took a nice walk back to the street fair on Amsterdam Avenue.

The street fair, was like all other street fairs. I'll walk through them if I happen upon them but I don't go out of my way to find them. All street fairs in New York City are exactly the same.

I would rate this weekend as an 10 on a scale of 1 - 10.

May 24, 2004

Hunter Thompson's misplaced shock

Apparently, I'm not only one who found offense in Thompson's ESPN article, which I linked to after finding it on The Drudge Report. Matt Drudge, who posted the link to this outrageous article also posted this article explaining how ESPN had to clean up his comments and included the original text which so offended earlier in the day.


According to this article, Mr. Thompson finds the recent photographs from Abu Grahaib more shocking than any atrocity recorded by the Nazis.

Granted, the pictorial evidence of prisoner abuse coming out of Abu Grahaib is not pleasant and indeed shows a seedier side of life in POW facilities run by American soldiers, but in comparison to the treatment afforded Nazi prisoners before and during WWII in the camps invented for their final solution, this abusive treatement is mild at best.

I'm sure there many examples even beyond what the Nazi's did, examples of atrocities committed by other countries and other leaders that far outweigh the cruelty shown by our misguided American soldiers to our prisoners of war in Iraq.

Mr. Thompson's observation is misguided and a little anti patriotic if you ask me.

The Weekend

Saturday. . .

I did one thing during the day which took up a good part of the afternoon. I went to the nail salon for a pedicure/manicure. When I walked into Athena's, Athena asked me what I wanted, told me to pick a color and asked me to wait a few minutes. Not bad, I thought, considering how many people were being served. 10 minutes later I was taken to the back where I waited 10 more minutes for a spot in one of the wonderful, pedicure chairs. All of their chairs give massages so I promptly set my controls on compressions that moved up and down my achy back. Patricia was great. My feet were in better shape than I thought. I didn't even need the razor to slough off the dead skin, just a good scrubbing.

She filed my nails, cleaned my feet, massaged my calfs and arches, and then painted my toes with the reddest polish I could find. Patricia then slipped my flip flops (thongs, zoris) on my feet and led me to the dryers where I was to wait for manicure...that was 3:50. I reset the dryer three times and still no manicure. My toe nails were completely dry. I stopped the fourth cycle, pulled my feet out and started a conversation with the woman next to me. She was getting ready for a blind date - comedy and dinner in the West Village. I gave her a few recommendations. While we were talking I noticed three people who came in for the same service as me, both the pedi and the mani were leaving, finished. I was still waiting for the manicure. By a quarter to five, I had had it. I marched up to the register where Athena grabbed my arm, trying to assure me it would be only two more minutes. I said, "I don't have all day to be here." I paid the 13 dollars for my toe job and when across the street and bought a big tuna sandwich from SUBWAY.

Typical. I had to eat something because I was angry. Food as comfort.

Well. After gobbling up my sandwich at home 10 minutes later, I calmed down a bit and started getting ready for my Saturday night out. . . . . . . .

(to be cont'd)

May 23, 2004

Robert Downey Jr.

Well, I never thought I would live to see the day when Robert "Gothika" Downey Jr. would be spotted writing checks at a pizzeria in Astoria. Thanks to Vidiot sending me a link to Dick Johnson's gossip column in the NY Post, I have learned that RDJ is spending time in our neck of the woods. Apparently he's shooting a film about a guy not so many people have heard of who comes from Astoria.

From Dick Johnson's lead, you'd think that RDJ had abandoned his home in the Hollywood Hills or less recently his jail cell for the more exciting and glamorous life of Astoria Hills 11101.

But maybe I'm not being fair to Dick Johnson. I guess he really has left the Hollywood highlife, especially if he did it to shoot a film in one of New York City's outer boroughs.

Come on Dick....give us a break!!!!

May 20, 2004

It's a Beautiful Day

I walked out of my house this morning and the first thing I thought was,

"I can't believe that twenty minutes ago I was still sleeping."

As I was walking to the subway, all I could think of was my large coffee light with half and half plus two sugars waiting for me at the corner coffee shop.

While I was on the train, all I thought about whether or not Staples would be open, when I got there to buy my boss some mechanical pencils.

When I was in Staples, I had the nicest conversation with the young woman behind the counter. She asked me how I was feeling. I told her, "I'm tired, I want to go home and I hate my job. How are you?"

She said, "I'm pregnant." and she laughed. She was really giddy about it and told me how she was looking forward to it, although no matter what book she read she didn't feel ready.

It turned my mood right around and set me up for a nice day.

May 19, 2004

I Am So Cool!!

You're an Etch-a-Sketch!! You're the creative,
artsy type who doesn't need to actually utilize
a single muscle group in order to have fun.
Doesn't matter though, you're still cool.

What childhood toy from the 80s are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Kerry is so Very

On Jonh Kerry's presidential website he complains that Bush isn't doing anything about rising gasoline prices, however, he doesn't give any solutions.This bothers me.


Which product used this song in their advertising campaign?
A cute child sang the song as this company?s spokesperson.

The prize for the first correct guess is one of the Homies from my extensive collection.

You are my sunshine.
My only sunshine.
You make me happy.
When skies are gray.

You?ll never know dear.
How much I love you.
Please don?t take
My sunshine away.

May 18, 2004

Name that Product/Tuesday Night trivia

The world looks mighty good to me
For (name product) are all I see
Whatever it is I think I see
Becomes a (name product) to me.

(Name product) chocolate is a chocolaty chew
(Name product) I think I?m in love with you

Whatever it is I think I see
Becomes a (name product) to me.
I?m hosting Tuesday night trivia with Jill tonight over at the Baggott Inn on West 3rd between Thompson and Sullivan. The party starts at 7:30 pm.

Try to make it if you can.

We?ll be waiting for you.

May 17, 2004

Name That Product

Do you know exactly
how to eat an (name product)
Well to do it.
You unscrew it.
Really fast.

'Cause a kid'll
Eat the middle
of an (name product) first
and save the chocolate cookie outside
for last.

May 15, 2004


Saturday night. Ahhhhhhhhh.

Tonight is the first Saturday night I'm spending alone in quite some time. Why? Well. . .tomorrow morning, my honey is riding in a big bike race to Montauk and tonight he's going to bed early in preparation.

I don't mind. I've been trying to clean my house all day. I've made some progress but I keep getting distracted.

First, there was the mid-July like weather. It reached almost 90 degrees today and the humidity was considerable. Of course, I needed to go outside. Then there was the availability of The House of Sand and Fog on pay per view. Having read the book earlier this year, naturally I had to watch the movie.

I did manage to clean my dishes, my utensil draw (it was full of weird dried orts that fell in during some cooking travails), my oven, but then I had to see how far I could get on the next level of Corkscrew Follies, part of the Roller Coaster Tycoon extension pack. I finished the initial Tycoon game earlier this month and I'm so excited to be working on Corkscrew and building new rides and attractions. (I'm a game geek from way back).

Time certainly did escape from me because now it is after 9pm and it's dark outside and the temperature has barely dropped and Lewis Black's comedy special, Black on Broadway, is coming on in about 45 minutes.

Until then, I'm resolved to cleaning up my disaster of a living room, office, bedroom, dining room area (my one room outside of my bathroom and kitchen). Hopefully, tomorrow I'll be lending one of my couches to my friend and neighbor and creating more space.

I'm rambling now......the thought of cleaning distracts and upsets me........but I am looking forward to the end results.

A New Template

Glory be!!

Blogger has expanded their template file and I've been able to update the look of my blog.

Sadly, I lost my comments so get to work people!!

May 14, 2004

The Clock is Poli "ticking"

Caren wrote an interesting entry about politics as of late.

I agree with her that people are hostile when it comes to their political beliefs and I also agree that it's an indication that people care.

I don't necessarily agree that this development is recent. People have long been divided on the major issues such as healthcare, welfare, abortion, war, etcetera. When one lives in and around New York City, one notices that many people have a more liberal point of view regarding the major issues. I have an ex-boyfriend who used to say that any place beyond the tri-borough bridge is like the mid-west.

As I get older I notice more and more how strongly people feel about their politics. Or perhaps as my friends and I mature we are more aware of what is happening in the world and what part we play in the happenings. We grow more more introspective and vocal.

Our brains never stop developing. We are always finding new challenges and readjusting our views to help us fit in the worlds which we conform to and then grow out of.

My friends and I are in our early to middle thirties. I think we are at a stage of development where we feel empowered as adults perhaps for the first time in our lives and wish to do something with that power either intellectually or physically.

May 13, 2004

Silent but Not So Deadly

Here is a cute article I found by Emily Yoffe who is apparently acting as a human guinea pig for weird little experiments so her readers don't have to.

In this article, she remains silent for 48 hours to see what happens.

Turned On and Tuned In

Wow. Thanks to series of linkages through a couple of friends' sites, I found this fantastic artist, whose work I've never before seen.

His name is Mark Ryden and I believe he works out of California. Either way, check it out. It's worth it.

American Idol

Yes. I watched American Idol last night and yes. I am going to write about it.

Last night, I watched as probably one of the best singers on the show was elimanated for not having enough votes. I truly don't understand how the country did not recognize LaToya London's talent.

You can read about here if you want to. It was quite a show. Donna Summer performed twice, once with the contestants, once without..
She was pretty good but she can't hit the high notes like she used to.

Clay Aiken sang also. I am still in shock over the level of stardom he's reaching. He is soooooooooo very average in looks and in talent. I guess people just like him.

Paula Abdul was crying at the end as LaToya sang her swan song and graciously thanked everyone without shedding a tear. She's a class act and it's shame she didn't make it to the final two.

Boxing Pixie

Now that I've got my weather pixie under control, I feel I can write about something else.

Do you remember in September when I wrote about living the Year of Yes? I decided around the time of the Jewish New Year that I was going to say yes to more of life's opportunities. I did it for a while, until November in fact when I decided that I was pushing it a little too far and tiring myself out.

Well, it's May now, and I never quite picked it back up. I'm still in the same job (which is both good and bad), I haven't been going out all that much with the exception of my dates with Jon, I haven't been writing all that much, and I'm falling back into that quiet slump which prompted the Year of Yes in the first place.

Today, I'm going to start it up again. I'm already scheduled to host Tuesday Night Trivia on the 18th and I believe that is a good place to start. The bike ride this past Sunday was also part of my resurrection.

What kinds of things am I looking to do? Maybe a cool part-time job if anybody has any suggestions in the New York City area, one that could be done during the evening on site or from home. Maybe some kick boxing classes if I can raise the funds. Maybe spend more time with my nephew although my cold has been interfering with some good visiting time.

I'm starting to get a little bore with myself, which I fear is making me boring to those around me. But hang in there friends. If I could pull myself out of my slump in September, I certainly can do it for the spring/summer season.

Wish me luck!!

May 12, 2004

A little less beautiful

The temperatures are up as well as the humidity.

I hope today's level of moisture in the air isn't an indication of what kind of summer we are going to have because that will mean a very humid summer for the residents of New York City indeed.

May 11, 2004

It's a Beautiful Day

Today, in NYC we are having the first truly summer like weather outside. I just ran an errand and had trouble coming back into the office. Thoughts of the beach ran through my head, as I lolligagged my way back to my desk. Sunday was also beautiful.

Jon and I rode bicycles all along the Hudson River in New York City. I've lived here a pretty long time and I was amazed to learn that there are walking and riding paths far removed from the West Side Highway traffic. I collected nice memories and a few more freckles.

Yesterday, on my errand, I spotted a celebrity walking up Madison Avenue between 27th and 28th Street. It was none other than Andrew McCarthy perhaps best known for his work in such movies as Pretty in Pink and Mannequin. I've also seen him perform on Broadway in the hit show SIDEMAN which also starred Christian Slater and Edie Falco(fellow SUNY Purchase graduate)in it's different incarnations.

He's quite handsome in person, moreso than on screen.

May 06, 2004

Friends No More

Yes. People seem to think the last episode of Friends was a little bit anti-climatic but isn't that how your 30's have been. When you first came to the big city in your early 20's, everything was exciting and new and the world was full of possibilities, but as you started to travel down your passionately sought after path, you started to settle down and the world stopped moving so fast. You grew up. Well, so did the fictional characters in the cast of Friends. I didn't find the ending to be anti-climatic at all. I found it true to life. People grow up, grow apart and move away.

C'est la vie!!

May 05, 2004


It seems like Howard Stern isn't the only one getting his rights trampled on.

This article appeared in the NY Times and discusses how Disney is forbidding the distribution of Michael Moore film that cricizes President Bush.

I'll see if I can find another source for this in case you are having trouble linking.

As promised here is a link to the MSN article about the above.

May 03, 2004

The weekend

I spent this weekend chilling out and having fun.

Friday night, a friend invited me to see Tony and Tina's Wedding, an interactive play that has been playing on Broadway at least 8 years that I know of. We were joined by another friend.

The three of us had a blast. The most fun was watching our third friend interacting with almost every member of the cast (you know who you are). She did a great job improvising. She came prepared with a fully rounded character that she could blend into the action.

Several cast members sat with us at the "reception", I think just to talk to her.

It was cool. First we met at the basement of a church on 46th street to watch the "ceremony". That's where the audience first meets the cast members. We were assigned to sit with the groom's side of the family. Then after the ceremony, we walked over to the Edison Hotel for the "reception" where we served a glass of champagne, ziti and salad. There was a wedding singer with a full backup band and plenty of shenanigans (sp?). Good fun was had by all.

Saturday, I chilled out watching three or four movies on the telly, changing my winter for summer clothes and then going out to see a couple of friends perform standup where Jon was to meet me later. I ran into another friend of mine and we all went out afterwards to a nice little Italian restaurant in the Village.

Sadly, the evening was deflated by the commute home. All we wanted to do was take a taxi but that became a huge chore. Our first (yes, our first) taxi pulled to the side of the road half way to Astoria, claiming to be out of anti-freeze. We paid him and found another taxi, who surprisingly didn't know the way to Astoria or my house. By the time we got home we had all lost that nice feeling of having been out, kind of like that feeling after the limo ride into the city after your high school prom.

Sunday....well, Sunday belonged to Jon and me. We went food shopping, I cooked, we played Scrabble, we went on the internet, we sat on my front stoop and talked to a neighbor that moved in about 5 months ago, and we watched the Sopranos.

I had a nice relaxing weekend. And you? How was your weekend?

May 02, 2004

Jacko's Junko

In today's Post, there was a good article about Jacko's Junko. The headline was written by my Jon and a co-worker.

In the article, the DA is about to examine fluids found in Michael's Calvin Klein underwear.

NB - be sure to catch a glimpse of the tasteful yet bizarrely placed Calvin Klein ad in the middle of the article.