May 23, 2004

Robert Downey Jr.

Well, I never thought I would live to see the day when Robert "Gothika" Downey Jr. would be spotted writing checks at a pizzeria in Astoria. Thanks to Vidiot sending me a link to Dick Johnson's gossip column in the NY Post, I have learned that RDJ is spending time in our neck of the woods. Apparently he's shooting a film about a guy not so many people have heard of who comes from Astoria.

From Dick Johnson's lead, you'd think that RDJ had abandoned his home in the Hollywood Hills or less recently his jail cell for the more exciting and glamorous life of Astoria Hills 11101.

But maybe I'm not being fair to Dick Johnson. I guess he really has left the Hollywood highlife, especially if he did it to shoot a film in one of New York City's outer boroughs.

Come on Dick....give us a break!!!!

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