May 13, 2004

American Idol

Yes. I watched American Idol last night and yes. I am going to write about it.

Last night, I watched as probably one of the best singers on the show was elimanated for not having enough votes. I truly don't understand how the country did not recognize LaToya London's talent.

You can read about here if you want to. It was quite a show. Donna Summer performed twice, once with the contestants, once without..
She was pretty good but she can't hit the high notes like she used to.

Clay Aiken sang also. I am still in shock over the level of stardom he's reaching. He is soooooooooo very average in looks and in talent. I guess people just like him.

Paula Abdul was crying at the end as LaToya sang her swan song and graciously thanked everyone without shedding a tear. She's a class act and it's shame she didn't make it to the final two.

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