May 26, 2004

3 day weekend and other random thoughts

We have a three day weekend coming up.
I want to go to the zoo on Sunday. Jon and I sent out about 20 invitations and so far we've had four rejections. Oh well. I guess it'll just be more zoo for us. I guess my planning was a little too last minute.
Fantasia Barrino is the first American Idol whose record I would actually buy. She's really talented and will most likely win. If she doesn't win, I will still buy her record.
The Anonymous Blogger has officially lost his mind. He thinks most women are crazy although he admits to there being acceptions.
I accepted an invitation to see Aaron Carter perform. Can someone tell me who he is?
Are you there God? It's me. Valerie.I wish my period would come already. I hate that feeling when you know it's about to start but then it doesn't.
I have an amazing boyfriend.


Amanda said...

I think TAB has always felt women are crazy, he's just restrained himself from saying so. Until now.

T.A.B. said...

I don't think all women are crazy, thank you very much. Just you, Val.

KIDDING! (Ducks and runs away)