May 27, 2004

NY Times

The NY Times CIRCUIT section took notice of blogging yesterday.
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The article focuses on the somewhat obsessive nature of bloggers, siting several examples where bloggers are neglecting their work or spending upwards to 8 hours a day blogging. Often, the article says, bloggers are writing for an audience of one, themselves.

The article failed to discuss the obsessive nature of tracking your blog. I must have checked my hit count 20 times already today. I don't know why. But every time the count goes up one more hit, I feel the slightest bit of satisfaction. That's probably why I do it.

Adversely, if my hits don't increase, I feel eminently disappointed; as if somehow I am failing as a writer by not generating enough interest.

Where's the article on that? Probably in the some psychiatry journal.

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