May 15, 2004


Saturday night. Ahhhhhhhhh.

Tonight is the first Saturday night I'm spending alone in quite some time. Why? Well. . .tomorrow morning, my honey is riding in a big bike race to Montauk and tonight he's going to bed early in preparation.

I don't mind. I've been trying to clean my house all day. I've made some progress but I keep getting distracted.

First, there was the mid-July like weather. It reached almost 90 degrees today and the humidity was considerable. Of course, I needed to go outside. Then there was the availability of The House of Sand and Fog on pay per view. Having read the book earlier this year, naturally I had to watch the movie.

I did manage to clean my dishes, my utensil draw (it was full of weird dried orts that fell in during some cooking travails), my oven, but then I had to see how far I could get on the next level of Corkscrew Follies, part of the Roller Coaster Tycoon extension pack. I finished the initial Tycoon game earlier this month and I'm so excited to be working on Corkscrew and building new rides and attractions. (I'm a game geek from way back).

Time certainly did escape from me because now it is after 9pm and it's dark outside and the temperature has barely dropped and Lewis Black's comedy special, Black on Broadway, is coming on in about 45 minutes.

Until then, I'm resolved to cleaning up my disaster of a living room, office, bedroom, dining room area (my one room outside of my bathroom and kitchen). Hopefully, tomorrow I'll be lending one of my couches to my friend and neighbor and creating more space.

I'm rambling now......the thought of cleaning distracts and upsets me........but I am looking forward to the end results.


Amanda said...

Well, how was the movie?

AddledWriter said...

I love the new web design! (Sorry if it's a few days old. Haven't read yer blog in a few days.)