May 03, 2004

The weekend

I spent this weekend chilling out and having fun.

Friday night, a friend invited me to see Tony and Tina's Wedding, an interactive play that has been playing on Broadway at least 8 years that I know of. We were joined by another friend.

The three of us had a blast. The most fun was watching our third friend interacting with almost every member of the cast (you know who you are). She did a great job improvising. She came prepared with a fully rounded character that she could blend into the action.

Several cast members sat with us at the "reception", I think just to talk to her.

It was cool. First we met at the basement of a church on 46th street to watch the "ceremony". That's where the audience first meets the cast members. We were assigned to sit with the groom's side of the family. Then after the ceremony, we walked over to the Edison Hotel for the "reception" where we served a glass of champagne, ziti and salad. There was a wedding singer with a full backup band and plenty of shenanigans (sp?). Good fun was had by all.

Saturday, I chilled out watching three or four movies on the telly, changing my winter for summer clothes and then going out to see a couple of friends perform standup where Jon was to meet me later. I ran into another friend of mine and we all went out afterwards to a nice little Italian restaurant in the Village.

Sadly, the evening was deflated by the commute home. All we wanted to do was take a taxi but that became a huge chore. Our first (yes, our first) taxi pulled to the side of the road half way to Astoria, claiming to be out of anti-freeze. We paid him and found another taxi, who surprisingly didn't know the way to Astoria or my house. By the time we got home we had all lost that nice feeling of having been out, kind of like that feeling after the limo ride into the city after your high school prom.

Sunday....well, Sunday belonged to Jon and me. We went food shopping, I cooked, we played Scrabble, we went on the internet, we sat on my front stoop and talked to a neighbor that moved in about 5 months ago, and we watched the Sopranos.

I had a nice relaxing weekend. And you? How was your weekend?

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