May 13, 2004

Boxing Pixie

Now that I've got my weather pixie under control, I feel I can write about something else.

Do you remember in September when I wrote about living the Year of Yes? I decided around the time of the Jewish New Year that I was going to say yes to more of life's opportunities. I did it for a while, until November in fact when I decided that I was pushing it a little too far and tiring myself out.

Well, it's May now, and I never quite picked it back up. I'm still in the same job (which is both good and bad), I haven't been going out all that much with the exception of my dates with Jon, I haven't been writing all that much, and I'm falling back into that quiet slump which prompted the Year of Yes in the first place.

Today, I'm going to start it up again. I'm already scheduled to host Tuesday Night Trivia on the 18th and I believe that is a good place to start. The bike ride this past Sunday was also part of my resurrection.

What kinds of things am I looking to do? Maybe a cool part-time job if anybody has any suggestions in the New York City area, one that could be done during the evening on site or from home. Maybe some kick boxing classes if I can raise the funds. Maybe spend more time with my nephew although my cold has been interfering with some good visiting time.

I'm starting to get a little bore with myself, which I fear is making me boring to those around me. But hang in there friends. If I could pull myself out of my slump in September, I certainly can do it for the spring/summer season.

Wish me luck!!

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