May 14, 2004

The Clock is Poli "ticking"

Caren wrote an interesting entry about politics as of late.

I agree with her that people are hostile when it comes to their political beliefs and I also agree that it's an indication that people care.

I don't necessarily agree that this development is recent. People have long been divided on the major issues such as healthcare, welfare, abortion, war, etcetera. When one lives in and around New York City, one notices that many people have a more liberal point of view regarding the major issues. I have an ex-boyfriend who used to say that any place beyond the tri-borough bridge is like the mid-west.

As I get older I notice more and more how strongly people feel about their politics. Or perhaps as my friends and I mature we are more aware of what is happening in the world and what part we play in the happenings. We grow more more introspective and vocal.

Our brains never stop developing. We are always finding new challenges and readjusting our views to help us fit in the worlds which we conform to and then grow out of.

My friends and I are in our early to middle thirties. I think we are at a stage of development where we feel empowered as adults perhaps for the first time in our lives and wish to do something with that power either intellectually or physically.

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