May 26, 2004

Gore's Speech

Today, at a gathering designed to register voters, former Vice President and former Presidential candidate Al Gore gave a speech somewhere in New York. He came down hard on President Bush and his administration and eloquently expressed his anger about what he feels have been major flaws in the handling of American Foreign Policy since 9/11.

If you have the patience here is the speech. It's long but Al Gore makes some good points even if his speech tastes faintly of sour grapes. I've read about half of it and am still amazed that he's not our President now. I liked Al Gore for the last election and I'm sorry it was taken . . . oops. . . .I mean he lost.

Wanting to be fair, I'll try to find somebody's speech somewhere that is a little more pro-Bush and his administration and then link to it.

Perhaps you can suggest something.

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