July 10, 2009


So. Jon and I have been living in this much better apartment for several months now. We are very happy with the apartment.

Everything is working out great. For a long time, the building across the street had a noisy garage door that squeeked every time it opened and closed but they fixed it and now it's like there is no garage door. It makes no more noise.

But just this week, a new problem has arisen. There is a neighbor in that same building, who has decided to start playing the bongos.

It's very annoying. Now. The building across the street is a co-op. I can't believe the co-op board approved a friggin' bongo player. I wonder if I can use that to my advantage. There is no way, people in that building will put up with a bongo player much longer.

And who the hell plays the bongos anyway?!?! It's the 21st freakin' century. He should be playing virtual bongos that no one can hear.

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