February 25, 2004

The "Gay"mendment

I actually heard on the radio this morning that Bush is "pushing (mmmmm) so hard and fast" to make this gay marriage ban amendment stick because he wants to make sure it's sealed and in the box before the upcoming election in case he doesn't win a second term. I can only agree with that statement which I heard during the morning news on WOR am radio.

People on the most part, if what I've been reading, hearing, seeing on the news is the absolute truth, are not in support of gay marriage but do not oppose same sex unions. I say if you're willing to acknowledge a same sex union why not go the one step further and accept a same sex marriage.

What's the worst thing that could happen? Will the earth get knocked off it's axis if this country allows people of the same sex to wed? Will the human race experience a backwards evolution leading us back to the time when we were just ooze on a beach if this country allows to women to walk down the aisle? Perhaps aliens will see our allowing gays and lesbians to marry as the time in our history when we are most vulnerable and choose that time to take over our planet for whatever resources it has left.

What are the repercussions people fear most? Does anyone really believe that somehow God almighty will be angered by married gays and thus smite us? I have a comment section below if you would care to explain this to me. FYI. The questions on my blog are not rhetorical.

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