February 11, 2004

Tuesday Night Trivia Wrapup

Caren's guest host was the bubbly Jil.

Round 1 - General Knowledge
Jill picked 10 questions having to do with Black History Month.

Round 2 - Current Events
Caren picked 10 questions having to with Current Events

Round 3- Top Ten
Jill picked the top ten songs picked my Mobil Dee Jays that were the most popular at getting people on to the dance floor at events. We listed these in order from least popular to most popular meaning 10 was 1 and 1 was 10.

Round 4 - Audio Round
Jill has us guess the titles and artists of 10 songs having to do with love in honor of Valentine's Day

Round 5 - Visual Round
Also in honor of Valentine's, co-host Jill had us identify 10 photos of people who had the word Love in their name, including such people as Linda Lovelace, Patty Loveless and Jon Lovitz.

It was packed last night. I was on the third place team which is always nice. We also won for best team name. We were "I'm looking over that old Mars Rover, that I've overlooked before." For that we won a can of sour cream and onion Pringles. Yummers. I also walked away with a movie poster of MONSTER starring Charlize Theron.

The heckling was very special last night. Now I heckle like everyone else, hopefully it is viewed as gentle heckling, teasing of whoever is hosting. Someone crossed the line last night, heckling to the point of hurt feelings. I was very proud of the co-hosts for standing up to the hecklers and pointing out that there is a fine line between heckling and hurting people's feelings.

One of the more fun moments of last night's game was the debate as to what was the capitol of Tennessee. It went back and forth for about 10 minutes as we animatedly argued between Knoxville and Nashville. We found out that it was Knoxville for a while and then at some point the capitol was moved to Nashville. The hosts accepted both answers in the end.

I encourage people to come and play Tuesday Night Trivia as often as possible. It's great fun and thoroughly stimulating and a great, non-pressure way to meet new people. You never know who is going to be there.

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