February 14, 2004

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I thought Valentine's Day would be a good day to write my reaction to the reaction gay unions, marriages, civil joinings are causing. Whether or not being gay is a biological necessity or a psychological choice is really irrelevant. What is relevant is that there are people in this world who are gay and they would like the same rights and entitlements as people who are not. Trying to figure out whether homosexuality is environmental or inherent is not the point. Why is this even a debate? I feel that if people live by the rules laid out in the Ten Commandments then they are generally living good lives. I don't recall any of those commandments forbidding same sex unions.

Some people might argue that to be gay does not honor your mother and father. Well, if someone's mother and father accept their child's gay lifestyle than that person is not dishonoring his/her parents. If someone's lifestyle is not causing harm to another person's body or another person's relationship (as in killing another person or coveting a neighbors property or life partner) then they are still living by this basic decency outline.

People use the bible as evidence that homosexuality is immoral, that it is a sin. Whether that's true is irrevelant and most likely outdated. I always find those arguments weak. If you're trying to increase your tribe and multiply your numbers, you might make rules preventing same sex unions but believe me, we have enough tribe members all over this planet. So I could see people preventing that like they might prevent people from eating pork for fear of trichonosis. People. Procreation is no longer an issue.

What are gay people supposed to do? Go underground? Eject themselves into space? Live in special colonies on special islands in the South Pacific? No. Of course not.

If you are straight and celebrating your Valentine's Day with your love one, think about how nice that is; how special you feel; how fortunate you are. Now imagine that heterosexuality has been deemed immoral and even showing the slightest affection offended the family next to you, so much so that people were covering their children's eyes and gasping at your lack of self control.

In a world full of hate, love should be encouraged. Life time unions should be encouraged and permitted. Gay people should have the same right to marry, have children, put their partners on their life insurance, give their partners Power of Attorney, plan their estates, etcetera, as the Breeders.

Not being gay is my choice for my own personal reasons but those are my reasons and mine alone and they are none of anyone's business. As a woman, I have power over my body with regard to reproductive rights. If I lost those rights I would be devastated. If I were around when those rights were changing for women I would have been very excited.

Just imagine how many people's lives would improve if gay unions were made legal. I think opposing gay marriages, unions is a waste of time. If anything, allowing this on a large scale will only help to reinforce family values and encourage tolerance.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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