February 01, 2004

The Big Fish

Last night, I met up with my posse (okay . . . my two friends) near Rockefeller Centre. We went down town to 34th and 8th where there's a new Lowes theater that charges only $9.00 movie. We saw Big Fish. I don't really have anything to say about the movie right now, beyond that I enjoyed it.

What I did not enjoy was how wickedly cold it was when we got out of the movie theater, 3 hours later (including waiting for the movie to start and half an hour of advertisements and previews). Before going out, I bundled up so well that I was sweating on my way onto the Rock (Manhattan). I was sweating in the subway, sweating in the lobby of the theater, etcetera, you get the idea. By the time we got out, I felt perfectly fine, even a little bit chilly under my layers.

Once the wind started whipping up, all resemblance to warm weather was gone.

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