February 05, 2004


Today was Thursday, Thursday, Thursday.
It was not a fun day, a fun day.
At all.

I am sooooo happy to be home finally after one of the more painful days of work I've had to endure. Not that I'm not happy to have a job, not that I'm not happy to do what I did today.

I went through 3000 brochures that we had printed for a client, that came back with covers that spanned the color spectrum. Meaning that many of the covers did not match. The printer we used for the job sent us 3000 brochures with at least 14 different color variations of the cover. My job today was to match what I could, box them up and tomorrow I'll ship them to the client. We arranged a credit from the printer that of course we will pass on to the client.

It seems I had a bit of an allergic reaction to handling this many freshly printed brochures. My hands are red and peeling just the slightest bit and my skin is breaking out into scales of some kind around my eyes and nose. My eyes, I might add, are also a little puffy.

I discovered the printer's mistake, comparing the brochures to our match print and I am glad we were able to arrange some compensation for the job and again I was glad to do this job as the client will hopefully not notice the differences in the covers because of how they are boxed.

But it was just a long and busy day.

I just took a bath and scrubbed myself with sea salt from head to toe but somehow I still can feel and smell the ink.

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