February 21, 2004

Touched by a Virus

In spite of my declarations about refusing to get ill this winter season, it seems a virus has crept into my body and is making itself comfortable. I guess it was unavoidable. Two people in my office are sick, one has bronchitis and the other one, who has not yet dislosed with what he is ill, has been coughing vigorously for at least a month now. What makes me think I'm ill? Well, yesterday I just didn't feel good. I think during the course of the work day, I developed a fever which broke during the intense hours that followed. I felt better last night, so much so that I finished a great book I've been reading, which I will tell you about in another post, watched a little television - Dateline dedicated an hour of programming to The Passion of the Christ featuring Stone Phillips from the streets of Jerusalem and in another hour a feature on The Atkins Diet - and spent some time with my boyfriend. When I woke up this morning, after a restful 5 or 6 hours, I walked over to the library to return some sadly overdue library books ($16.20 worth to be exact - OUCH!). On the walk back, I was overcome with that illing feeling again. So, I took a nap upon arriving home. I woke up just a little while ago to catch up on some much overdue blogging ($0.00 worth to be exact - OUCH!) and my head is aching and my stomach is not quite right.

I hate to say it but I think I have to stay in tonight. It's been a while since I've spent a Saturday night alone, but I can't afford to let this virus take over my body and submerge me into full blown sickness. I have too much to get done next week at work. We are moving our office and I'm pretty much going to be the point person. I need to be physically fit and mentally on top of my game. How do I know I'm not on top of my game? Because Missy Elliot's musical segment from a repeat of MAD television just made me cry a little bit (kid dancers always choke me up). Blogging this post, I've been able to put aside my headache but it's creeping back up on me. I'm sure there will be more blogging tonight, but for now, I think I'm just going go lie down for a bit. Wish me luck on not coming down with the Plague of the minute.

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