February 08, 2004

Atlantic City

Atlantic City was great!! First time I've been there, ever. Jon and I took a bus from Port Authority which dropped us off at The Sands. As soon as we walked in, I was awed by the noises and flashing lights of the slot machines. There were so many. Jon saw I was overwhelmed, so he suggested we walk on the boardwalk down to the Playcade where we could play some Skee Ball. I can't remember the last time I played that but that was incredibly fun. That may have even been the first time I played. Wow. We won enough tickets to buy a miniature travel size Connect Four game.

Walking back to the Sands, we noticed some cool things. A lot of the streets have state names so at the end of the streets, where they meet the boardwalk, the city planners placed a state related object. For example, at the end of Florida Street are two enormous flamingos. At the end of Missouri street is an Arch. Arkansas street only had the state symbol. I guess a full size reproduction of Bill Clinton would have been a little much.

Back at the Sands, after a refreshing walk by the beach, I was ready to try the slots. I've never been a casino at first. Jon was very specific about how I should play the slots. He said to play slowly, so I don't lose as fast. This didn't make sense as I thought I was going to win. Sure enough, I lost my 20 dollars in comp quarters rather quickly. But it was fun. Jon was at the roulette table. I couldn't watch. Gambling seems like a waste to me but I have to admit it was awfully fun and it was fun to see him at the roulette table. He looked sexy sitting there, putting chips down, taking a chance that way.

I had so much fun. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the right battery for my 18 year old, Pentax K-1000 non-digital, 35 mm single lens reflex camera, otherwise I would have photographed the cool tackiness of everything.

After getting in I put on the Grammies. The first thing I saw was Beyonce giving her gold medal winning performance in the vocal gymnastics event. Then some more people sang and won awards. It was alright. I'm not that into the Grammies for some reason. Probably because of the 245 commercials CBS played in the hour or so I watched it. The highlight for me was watching OUTKAST perform with Earth Wind and Fire. Of course, that segment died for me when George Clinton came out with P FunK? I don't think one member of that group looked appealing or sang in key. It was actually kind of a depressing segment toward the end. But like I said, I did enjoy I Like the Way You Move. Outkast can rap.

I thought you might all like to see a picture of Jon and Me. He's the handsome one with the glasses. I'm the incredibly happy looking one with the big goofy smile. Thanks to my friend Lilo for sending the pictures from LA. She took this one when we were at the bar with our friends celebrating her birthday. She came in for a few days to be with us and to see the city at Christmas time. Thanks again Lilo. It was so good to see you.

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